The holidays can be stressful enough but when you have an addict in your life the stress levels can become almost unbearable at times. So many thoughts can complicate an already taxing time because there is no happy medium with addiction. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Many wish that they could just make the addiction go away. Well, this is why many people choose the holidays as a time to stage an intervention. After all, is there a better gift? 


Is This a Good Time?

The big question is, timing. Are the holidays a good time for an intervention? There are pros and cons to this but it can be a perfect way to build upon the momentum of the season and rally everyone together to address a longstanding problem with an addicted family member. This is also the time that family members who live far away do gather. What are your other choices? Will you allow this person to ruin another holiday?

It can be a tough decision but if you don’t use this time is there a chance that this person will ruin yet another holiday? Is that fair to the family? Confronting the problem head-on helps the addict get the treatment they need and grants family members the peace of mind to enjoy the holiday season. Plus, the holidays can be one of the most effective times to crack the initial stage of denial.


Lack of Focus

The holidays are also a time when the addict is least suspicious. They usually count on family being so engrossed in the holiday that they may go unnoticed. There is no doubt that an intervention gets the attention of any addict and when you get your point across there is an increasing the likelihood that the addict will accept the help being offered.

There is an increase in substance abuse and relapse during the holidays. From Thanksgiving Eve right through New Year’s Eve is often like one big party, Not only do people party more during these times and it is more acceptable but stress levels are increased and painful emotions can be exposed. This can be a dangerous time.

There is not a gift around that can be as useful as the gift of sobriety. Nothing should interfere with an intervention, regardless of the time of year. You owe you and your family a better holiday season so make this the year!