Emotions You’ll Experience While Getting Sober

Technology and online resources are becoming game changers in educating people about addiction. Millions suffer from substance abuse but they don’t have too. Treatment is widely available for those who want to get better. If you’re struggling with addiction and want to get your life back, congratulations. We’re here to tell you that although it may seem scary reaching out for help, it’s actually quite easy. We’re also here to let you know some common emotions you’ll experience on the journey to sobriety.


If you’re looking for help with addiction treatment, please know that you’re extremely courageous. It’s not easy for people to ask for help especially if you aren’t 100% sure you need help. It’s common to question whether or not you have a substance abuse problem but it’s important to start the inner dialogue. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It takes a strong, mature person, to be able to look in the mirror and admit they aren’t perfect.  

Addiction is a disease that can completely take over your life. Without the correct treatment, this disease can even be fatal. Therefore, you need to ask for help when it comes to the treatment of this disease. You’re showing courage by asking for this help. Then, with the help of medical professionals, you’ll no longer be subject to the possibly fatal effects of this disease.


If you are looking for help with addiction treatment, you’re also swallowing your pride. It’s all too common for people to try to find answers on their own. They don’t want to be dependent on others for help. They are too proud to ask for help; however, pride can also be someone’s greatest weakness. Sure, people are afraid of feeling like a burden. They’re afraid of how others will look at them. They might even think they would be annoying by asking for help. On the other hand, that is exactly why this country has addiction treatment resources.

Addiction treatment centers are here to help you overcome the bonds that are tied to addiction. These facilities are staffed by trained professionals who can show the support, guidance, and counseling that you need to get better. These treatment centers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are outpatient centers that will help you in a one on one setting. There are also detox centers and inpatient facilities that will help you clear the toxins out of their systems and get on the road to recovery.

You can tailor your addiction treatment to meet your own needs. That’s the beauty of asking for help. The goal isn’t to just get you sober, it’s also to have you stay sober. In treatment, you’ll leave coping skills and techniques to help prevent relapse. 

… And Other Emotions

Finally, if you are trying to get help for your addiction, you’ll probably experience a wave of other emotions you haven’t felt before. This is expected. Now that you’re not numb from drug and alcohol abuse, emotions can feel strange. You may feel anxious. You may feel depressed. Remember that there is nothing wrong with these emotions and you’re only human. Trust the professionals to help you overcome the bonds of addiction and resume your life.

Let’s Do This Together

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