Tips for Finding a Job After Rehab

finding a job after rehab

Looking for employment can be difficult, especially after completing addiction treatment. When it comes to treatment, it takes a lot of determination to be able to stick with the program and get past the alcohol, the drugs, and triggers into the new phase you’re in now. 

Now that you’ve made it through treatment, and you probably feel ready to take on the next big step. The prospect of finding a job after rehab and addiction treatment can be exciting: exciting because you feel revitalized like you’re starting life anew.

However, getting a job after treatment has its challenges as some employers would hesitate to consider a candidate who has a history of addiction. 

Another reason may be employment gaps in between, and then you have to explain all that to your prospective employer.  

So how do you start? How do you navigate through these challenges and find a job after rehab?

Take Another Look at Your Resume

First, you must know that getting a job is a positive development. You also have to know that you’ll experience setbacks and upsets along the way. So no matter what happens, stick with it and keep it moving.

So now, take another look at your resume. Do some updates. Add some new skills you’ve acquired. Do some formatting. Highlight all your skills and talk about your best qualities—spice up the narrative in your descriptions. 

Also, don’t forget to check with friends and other professionals to get up to speed with the latest trends in putting together an impressive resume. This would enable you to put your best foot forward. 

Check Job Openings

It goes without saying that you have to be patient. 

This is because you have to think about what would be the right job for you at the present moment: a job with working hours that would allow you to keep up with treatment and recovery.

Also, you want to consider the industry and working environment. For instance, work in any organization in the hospitality industry has some flexible working hours but also tends to be an environment that promotes alcohol consumption. If you’re unsure what you’re passionate about, a good first job post treatment could be at a rehab! 

You can also consider doing part-time jobs in the beginning, and as your recovery progresses, then consider full-time. 

finding a job afte


Use Your Network

This much is true for every job seeker out there. Now you may have had to cut ties with some people who may have impacted you negatively, but at the same time, it is essential to build new bridges. 

Build positive bridges that are a network of people who’d have a sustainable impact in your life. Talk to them. Talk to people. Talk to your counselor. Talk to family. Upon seeing your new path, they’d be willing to help. Be open-minded about opportunities, however small. You have to start somewhere.  

Complete That Education

If you were unable to complete an education (maybe a degree or a professional certification), now is the best time to complete it. A lot of employers believe in proven abilities. And when those abilities are backed up with certifications, you more or less have some armor around you. 

So get certified. Education and certification give you an edge.

We Want To Help

There are a lot of people out there, struggling to maintain sobriety and struggling with their addiction. It’s okay. Life is a tough place, and it is okay to feel the way you’re feeling. 

We can help, and we want to help. Laguna View Detox can help you achieve and maintain sobriety. We are based in the beautiful Laguna Beach, CA, where we offer homey and secure addiction treatments and programs in an environment that help set you on a positive path towards recovery.

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