How SMART Recovery Helps With Substance Abuse

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Do you feel your life unraveling?  Do you have trouble focusing? How about those sweaty and trembling hands? Perhaps you are starting to have issues with relationships as a result of substance use? Or maybe you can’t stop thinking about using drugs and alcohol, it’s almost as if you’re obsessed. And you don’t like it. 

These are signs of substance abuse, and while these signs are visible, knowing how to overcome them can be quite difficult. So how do you beat addiction and live a drug & alcohol free life? Seek addiction treatment. 


What Is Smart Recovery?

The road to recovery is a lifelong journey.  Having a sound support system during and after rehab is important. This is where SMART recovery comes in.

The self-management and recovery training (SMART) program is a support group for recovering substance abusers and addicts. It is designed to help addicts and people with behavioral disorders lead a life free of addiction. 

SMART recovery group is one of the top addiction and substance abuse support groups with hundreds of chapters all over the world. It is scientifically based and has trends of showing positive results in people who use it. Awesome, right?

The SMART program is popular worldwide for the techniques it uses to help people live a happy life. Almost every correctional facility and treatment center has a SMART program. At Laguna View Detox, we incorporate the use of SMART recovery group in the Laguna Beach area. 


How Is SMART Used in Treating Addictions?

SMART teaches techniques that encourage self-empowerment. The idea is to teach you, the recovering addict, to be in control of your life, by empowering your mind – no wonder it is different from other addiction support groups?

SMART addiction recovery follows 4 crucial steps, unlike other 12-step programs like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.



Motivation can drive a person to change their behaviors or beliefs. And that’s why it is the first step in the SMART program. Many recovering addicts go back to substance abuse after they leave in-patient care because they lack motivation or can’t stay motivated. 

Staying motivated when you’re sober is the first step to remaining in recovery. When there isn’t a reason to stay clean, getting off track is easy. 

But there is a solution, surrounding yourself with people who experience the same struggles you have is the best place to be during addiction treatment and after. 


Mastering urges 

In our SMART recovery group at Laguna View Detox, we teach our clients how to recognize and beat cravings. It’s all about teaching you to be in control of your lives. If you can beat cravings, you can avoid giving in to them. Some of the techniques we teach involve setting boundaries and knowing your limits. 


Controlling harmful thoughts 

The mind is a powerful tool that can either aid or derail your journey to recovery. In SMART recovery groups, members are taught to let go of negative thoughts. Thoughts fueled by fear often make addicts believe that they can’t go through the treatment program. 

Rather than worry about not controlling your urges and spiraling downward so fast, think differently. Think instead of how far you’ve come in mastering your urges and how much better you’ll be at it after a long time.


Living a balanced life 

SMART’s goal is to help former addicts live a balanced life. This happens when your lifestyle is designed to match your recovery process. 

If you’re motivated, beating urges and thinking positively become a lifestyle, making it easier to live a substance abuse free life. That’s the goal, making the recovery process a lifestyle. 


SMART Recovery Benefit Analysis

There are several benefits of SMART recovery groups. Let’s discuss a few of them, shall we?

Prevents relapse 

SMART prevents relapse when done right. The techniques taught are science-based as well as realistically attainable for people. By empowering you and teaching you to control their addictions, you can stay sober. 


Helps develop self -awareness 

SMART leads members on a life-long journey of self-discovery. That said, the techniques taught in SMART will help you understand yourself better for efficient implementation. 

Self-awareness is essential for dealing with addiction. It forms the background for developing new value systems and a game plan for life. 


Rounded treatment

SMART is a well-rounded treatment. It teaches members how to cope with life’s curveballs without needing an unhealthy crutch – it can teach you too. 


We Can Help With Smart Recovery

At Laguna View Detox, we incorporate SMART recovery groups into our substance abuse programs. We believe in giving our clients truly individualized care, and this includes having options. Contact us today if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction. We want to help!