How Long Is a 12-Step Rehab Program?

How Long Is a 12-Step Rehab Program?

It’s nearly impossible to explore your options for rehab without hearing about 12-step rehab programs. You may have thought that going to rehab would eliminate the need for attending any 12-step peer recovery group meetings, but that’s not always true. Many treatment facilities include 12-step meetings in treatment as a way to ensure you have support available when you leave rehab. Your aftercare planning begins the day that you start treatment. You may wonder how long is a 12-step rehab program, and the good news is that it’s the same length as other rehab programs. At Laguna View Detox, we understand the importance of creating a plan for living sober after rehab, and that’s why we incorporate 12-step recovery groups in our rehab programs.  

What Is a 12-Step Rehab Program?

A 12-step recovery program is a rehab program that includes 12-step peer support recovery meetings into the overall programs. In addition, such programs continue to offer other therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and other forms of individual therapy. Additionally, you can expect to participate in skills and process groups such as life skills, nutrition, fitness, and more. While it may seem that 12-step recovery and rehab are two separate paths in recovery, the truth is that they can be joined for your benefit. If you’re wondering how long is a 12-step rehab program, know that participating in 12-step recovery in rehab adds no time to your treatment. Instead, it just adds more depth and more options.

Why Laguna View Detox Offers 12-Step Support Groups to Clients

Laguna View Detox incorporates 12-step recovery groups into our rehab programs so that our clients have an opportunity to begin working on their aftercare plans from the beginning. While it’s not easy to get sober, it is a little more manageable within the confines of a treatment facility where there is no alcohol present. When you leave treatment, you will find yourself having to walk or drive past liquor stores, bars, and other establishments where alcohol is served. We encourage participation in 12-step recovery peer support group meetings during rehab so that you can begin to build a support network for life after rehab. By attending meetings, you will meet and build relationships with others who have already forged a path in recovery. You’ll also learn what it’s like to participate in a meeting, making it far less intimidating to go to one after rehab. Twelve-step recovery may not end up being the cornerstone of your recovery, but it can be an essential piece of your toolkit. 

Get Help at Laguna View Detox

At Laguna View Detox, we understand addiction, and we know how to enable you to find your way out.  We are equipped to help you safely break free drugs and alcohol.  We offer round-the-clock care in a luxurious, inpatient treatment setting in one of the most beautiful areas in California. We’ll ensure you detox safely and help you build a new sober life. Our committed and compassionate staff are some of the best in the industry, and they’ll work with you to create an individualized, holistic treatment plan. 


We understand the interplay between mental health and addiction and are here to help. We also understand the importance of helping you build a support network for when you leave treatment; it’s why 12-step recovery is an integral part of our rehab programs. We will care for you while you safely detox and then guide you through inpatient treatment and aftercare. So contact us today and let us help you break free from addiction!