How to Find Luxury Sober Living in Los Angeles, CA

How to Find Luxury Sober Living in Los Angeles, CA

If you or someone you love has struggled with completing a rehab treatment program is a tremendous step, but it can be 

complex to go from a detox and rehab program straight back into your regular life. And this is where sober living, sometimes called recovery residents programs or transitional living, can give you a safe place to have supervised recovery as you transition back to complete dependence and sobriety.


What does Sober Living mean?


Sober living means a facility where you live and where you maintain your sobriety. Sober living is a transitional place where you can go from intensive rehab treatment back to complete independence. With sober living facilities, you live on-site, and you get to practice complete independence while being supervised by reputable staff who can help you not only maintain your sobriety but begin to implement the coping skills you have learned during your rehab program. 


Sober living is meant for people who:

  • Need longer transitions between a rehab program and going back to a fully independent life.
  • Need accountability during their sobriety.
  • Need help transitioning from an intensive inpatient program or an outpatient program.
  • Need to move into an independent but structured environment that is safer and more supportive than their current living situation.
  • Are currently sober with no drugs or alcohol in their system.


Is Sober Living Right for Me


Sober living gives you structured independence. You are not required to have undergone formal rehab, and you are not restricted in terms of how long you stay there. In order to stay in a sober living facility, you simply need to maintain your sobriety and, of course, pay the necessary fees. There are plenty of situations where people undergo detox or an inpatient program and then transition.


Sober living might be right for you if:

  • You need prolonged support, and you know that while you are sober now, you will not be able to maintain that on your own just yet.
  • You need stable housing that won’t be taken out from under you because of a landlord’s decision or cuts to government funding.
  • You want a facility that is more affordable and an alternative to formal therapy.


If you decide that sober living is the right choice for you, know that not all facilities are created equally. Consider luxury sober living in Los Angeles, CA, when you make your choice. 


Benefits of Sober Living


Using luxury sober living in Los Angeles, CA, comes with many benefits. 


  1. The most significant benefit of sober living is continual guidance and support. Learning new skills to handle stress is only part of complete rehabilitation. You have to be able to practice applying those skills in your everyday life rather than falling back on old addictions. Not everyone is able to do this on their own, or their self-doubt gets in the way. In a sober living home, you are surrounded by people who will hold you accountable every day, not just the staff but the other tenants. You can get help with any potential issues you have, like finding a job, stress, or cravings. People who work and live in sober living understand what you are going through, and they can give you advice while helping you avoid drugs and alcohol, maintain a curfew, and ensure your sobriety with regular drug tests.
  2. Sober living allows you the opportunity to bond with other people in a meaningful fashion. You get to live alongside people who have also dealt with recovery and understand what it feels like to disappoint loved ones, lose control, or struggle with addiction. You can reduce loneliness and have good ties with people who love you and support you no matter what your past might have.
  3. You can restore healthy life skills like doing laundry, finding a job, maintaining good hygiene, or eating healthy. Similarly, you get to enjoy independence. A big part of your sobriety and recovery is getting your life back into your own hands, finding a job, taking steps to enter back into society, making friends, cooking for yourself, making good choices, and undergoing therapy.
  4. Finally, sober living is an easier transition back to your everyday life. It serves as a bridge between an intensive rehab or detox program and mainstream society.


Luxury Sober Living in Los Angeles, CA


If you are ready for luxury sober living in Los Angeles, CA, let Laguna View Detox help. Our location gives you access to an emotionally and physically supportive environment in a tranquil setting. With staff on hand, we can help you transition into sober living and utilize new life skills that help you cope with stress down the line. We understand that no single program is the right fit for every person, and that is why we work hard to customize the amenities and programs to which you have access when you choose luxury sober living in Los Angeles, CA


Let us help you transition safely back into independence and sobriety.