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Signs My Spouse is Abusing Drugs

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Is my husband an addict? What are the signs my spouse is abusing drugs?


If you are asking either of these questions, you might need help. Drug addiction is a severe problem, and there is nothing worse than worrying about someone you love and feeling helpless, not sure what you can do, and constantly worrying that everything you say will make it worse.


What are the Signs of Substance Abuse?

So you start by looking up “signs my spouse is abusing drugs” or checking on the signs that someone is becoming an addict.

There are many signs of substance abuse. These can include:

  • Legal troubles, like a DUI or theft
  • Financial troubles, like money disappearing from your purse or bank account, especially money that is set aside for other things
  • Personal hygiene problems, like not showering for days, not shaving. Their eyes might look different, their teeth might start changing, or you might notice things like marks between their toes or on the elbow
  • Physical problems indicative of withdrawal like fever, shaking, nausea, diarrhea, etc.


What are the Signs My Spouse is Abusing Drugs?

There are many signs that your spouse is becoming an addict. If you are looking for signs my spouse is abusing drugs, they could include behavioral, psychological, physical, and emotional signs.


One major sign is avoidance. If your spouse is suddenly avoiding you, family or work obligations, or questions about their activity, it might be indicative of a problem. If your spouse suddenly has a new group of friends or has pulled away from their old group of friends, but they don’t want you coming with them when they go to socialize, and they don’t want to talk to you about how it was, it might be worth further investigation.


You might notice a change in their attitude. When someone starts abusing drugs, it can have a profound impact on their personality. You might have a spouse who was always very calm and reserved but is now angry or snapping for no reason. They might seem withdrawn from family activities or social activities.


Their activities could change as well. This might include simple daily activities like sleeping. If your spouse is suddenly sleeping at odd hours, awake all night when they shouldn’t be, it might be a problem related to substance abuse. Their activities might also include paranoid activities like constantly checking that every door in the house is locked, peeking through the windows anytime there’s a sound outside, and yelling at you for answering the door without warning them first.


How to Convince a Loved One to Get Help

If you notice signs of addiction and your spouse, it can be difficult to convince them to get help, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. There are many ways you can go about this:

  1. First, you can try to speak with them yourself, setting aside a designated time for you to have an important family discussion. They may or may not be ready for this, and they may or may not be ready to admit they have a problem. If they are ready, this might be the first step toward getting them the help they need, followed immediately by entering an appropriate drug treatment center.
  2. If you are afraid of confronting them individually, or you’ve already tried, and it didn’t get you anywhere, you might consider using a professional. There are professionals in each state who can set up things like family discussions and interventions. These discussions can take place in your home or at their office, or anywhere that’s comfortable. You can enjoy guidance from these professionals throughout the planning and execution process. This makes it easier for you to better understand how to word your comments, what to share, and who to invite. 


How to Find a Drug Treatment Center for My Spouse

If you are ready to find a treatment center after confirming your spouse is becoming an addict, consider Laguna View Detox. We understand that breaking free from addiction can be very difficult. We also appreciate the role that family plays in helping someone overcome their addiction. If you have looked up “is my husband an addict” and confirm that it’s time to get help for your spouse, we provide care not just for the individual but for you as the spouse.


It’s important that you participate in certain aspects of the treatment, particularly family therapy or ongoing care. Understanding how addiction works, how it influences the mind and body, and what you can do to better serve your spouse as they work through it is imperative to their long-term success. That is why our team has dedicated staff members ready and willing to offer personalized treatment based on whatever you and your spouse need. 

Contact Laguna View Detox to learn more about our inpatient rehab programs in Southern California.

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