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Luxury Drug Rehab in Laguna Beach

Experience a luxury drug & alcohol rehab in Laguna Beach that offers addiction treatment options that work. Don’t get stuck in-and-out of treatment. Find your solution to substance abuse at Laguna View Detox.


Addiction Treatment

Experience a luxury drug & alcohol rehab program in Southern California that offers addiction treatment options that work.

A Luxury Experience

Escape addiction in Beautiful Laguna Beach

At our luxury drug rehab in Laguna, we understand that achieving and maintaining sobriety should include mind-body wellness and the dignity to realize the infinite potential you have to live the life you deserve. Our caring and professional staff are dedicated to providing the best possible care to each and every client.  

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Comfortable & safe

Laguna Recovery Center

Our luxury drug rehab in Laguna Beach provides medication-assisted detox services to those suffering from substance abuse or co-occurring disorders. We specialize in providing medication-assisted detox services for individuals grappling with substance abuse or co-occurring disorders. Within the serene and home-like environment of our addiction treatment center, we prioritize safety and security to ensure a more comfortable and less perilous detox process.

Upon successful completion of detox, clients have the opportunity to engage in our Residential Treatment Program. Nestled in Southern California, our rehab is distinguished by a top-tier clinical team dedicated to your well-being. Emphasizing a combination of holistic treatment modalities and evidence-based practices, we strive to establish a robust foundation in early recovery. Recognizing that a solid foundation enhances the likelihood of success, we are committed to guiding our clients toward a thriving journey in early recovery.

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Quality treatment services


Laguna View Detox offers a comprehensive drug & alcohol detox program, designed with needs of our clients in mind.

Residential Inpatient

Our evidence-based residential inpatient program, in luxurious Laguna Beach, can help you or a loved one overcome substance abuse.

Aftercare & Alumni

We ensure every client is supported after the completion of treatment, with comprehensive aftercare support and a strong alumni program.

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Most Major PPO Insurance Providers Will Help Cover the Cost of Treatment.

Ready to Experience Recovery?

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"We Believe Your Recovery is Possible."

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Reset with Recovery

Our team, characterized by care and compassion, is available around the clock, eager to assist you in commencing your path towards freedom from addiction. If speaking on the phone doesn’t suit you, feel free to initiate a chat with our admissions team using the purple bubble in the lower right-hand corner at this moment. Your journey to recovery begins with the support you need, on your terms.





Our Admissions Process

Contact Us 24/7

Contact our caring & compassionate admissions team day or night. They've been in your shoes and will help you find the treatment options that work best for you.

Customized Solutions

Our team will work hard to find you the treatment options that best fit your personal situation - at no cost or obligation to you. We truly care about helping others.

Find Recovery

Once we determine that our program is right fit for you, our team will assist you in preparing for treatment. From travel assistance to FMLA paperwork, we have you covered.

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