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Recover from alcoholism at a Highmark alcohol rehab

Recover From Alcoholism at a Highmark Alcohol Rehab

Deciding to get sober is one of the most impactful decisions that you can make in your life. While it may seem like the easiest decision for someone else, that’s
Does Amerihealth cover drug rehab?

Does Amerihealth Cover Drug Rehab?

Once you decide to get help with your drug problem, you will have to gather a lot of information. You’ll start to explore how to get free of drugs and

Facts and Stats About the LGBTQ Community and Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is an issue that faces all of society. Unfortunately, certain groups have been marginalized when it comes to talking openly about the facts and statistics surrounding substance abuse.
Drug and alcohol rehabilitation termenology

Basic New Terms You’ll Learn When Your Loved One Is in Recovery

When your loved one is in recovery, you will start to learn an entirely new language. It’ll begin with learning the language of treatment. You will start to understand things
Going to California for Drug Rehabilitation

Going to California for Drug Rehabilitation

Once you decide to stop using drugs and alcohol, you’ll likely need support in learning how to do this. Addiction is a physical, mental, and spiritual disease. Successfully fighting it

Knowing When It’s Time To Go To an Alcohol Treatment Facility

In theory, getting sober is simple. All you have to do is stop drinking. However, simple doesn’t always equal easy. You may have started to rely on drinking as your
Dangers of Taking Xanax Frequently

The Dangers of Taking Xanax Frequently

Somehow when we get a drug through a prescription, we tend to think of that drug as being safer. That’s not always true. Even if the drug is safe, it’s
Movies About Addiction and Recovery

Movies About Addiction and Recovery

Oscar Wilde wrote that “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” And while that can be debated, we know there is a benefit to reading books or watching
Binge Drinking in College Students

The Dangers of Binge Drinking in College Students

Getting drunk and making a fool of yourself has been a storied part of college life for years. It’s almost considered a rite of passage during young adulthood. Young adults
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