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Addiction is a mental health concern that can be seen across the country, with the ability to impact individuals of all ages, races, genders, and socioeconomic statuses. 

Outside of the mental health impact, common consequences that individuals can experience can include physical health concerns, relationship turmoil, loss of interest in hobbies, concerns at work, financial concerns, and new or worsening legal concerns. 

Rock bottom will look and feel different for everyone. As will the road that it takes to get there. Despite the severity of addiction and its consequences, there is hope for recovery and a healthier life. 

Laguna View Detox is an Oxford Pilgrim rehab center in Orange County, California. With inpatient and detox treatment options, we can provide you with continued support during the various phases of your recovery. To learn more about our Southern California luxury addiction treatment options available at Laguna View Detox, call (866) 932-3206 today.

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What is Oxford Pilgrim?

Oxford Pilgrim is known to provide quality healthcare coverage options that can be customized to its members. This includes modifying deductibles, co-pays, and other aspects of your plan.

If you are in need of a Los Angeles Oxford Pilgrim drug rehab, Laguna View Detox is the ideal luxury rehab program. Our private accommodations and serene facility allow you to focus completely on your recovery. Our staff will provide you with support, kindness, and compassion throughout your journey with us. Call (866) 932-3206 to learn more today.


Laguna View Detox offers a state-of-the-art drug & alcohol detox program that is safe & effective at our Orange County facility.

Residential Inpatient

The evidence-based approach at Laguna View Detox's luxury residential inpatient program offers world-class methods that work.

Aftercare & Alumni

We offer thorough aftercare planning & alumni programming to keep clients connected to the recovery community.

the coverage

How Long Will Oxford
Pilgrim Cover Drug Rehab?

The amount of time that Oxford Pilgrim will cover for drug rehab treatment is not a simple answer. There are a variety of factors that go into this decision, including the specific details of your insurance plan. Since Oxford Pilgrim plans can be customized, you may have differences within your plan that impact your coverage. 

Additionally, Oxford Pilgrim will take into consideration the recommendation of the professionals at the treatment facility. This can also include any medical health concerns you have, mental health concerns, consequences you have experienced, and if you have been in treatment before. 

If you have been struggling with drugs or alcohol, you may benefit from a Oxford Pilgrim drug rehab center in Laguna Beach, CA. Laguna View Detox offers detoxification, residential inpatient programming, and aftercare programming. Each of our programs are tailored to each individual we work with. Call (866) 932-3206 to learn more about our addiction rehab programs.

how to verify

How to Verify Oxford Pilgrim Addiction Treatment Coverage

There are a few ways that you can verify your Oxford Pilgrim addiction treatment coverage. One of which would be to call Oxford Pilgrim directly. By calling the number on the back of your insurance ID card, you can speak with a representative about the available in-network providers. Your representative will also be able to give you an idea of what your financial responsibility would be for different treatment options.

Your second option would be to utilize the online portal available on the Oxford Pilgrim website. You will be able to access a list of treatment providers in your area via the portal.

Laguna View Detox is an Oxford Pilgrim drug rehab in Laguna Beach, CA. We are the ideal drug treatment provider in Southern California with customized inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. We use a combination of evidence-based interventions and alternative treatments, including anger management, art therapy, and whole-body wellness education. Call (866) 932-3206 to learn more today.


Why Find an In-Network Oxford Pilgrim Drug Rehab Center

There are several benefits that you can experience by choosing an Oxford Pilgrim drug rehab center. If you are an Oxford Pilgrim member, you will notice a direct impact in your financial responsibilities. In-network providers often have decreased associated fees for members who receive treatment.

Additionally, insurance providers such as Oxford Pilgrim have specific expectations for their in-network providers to ensure quality and effective care to their patients. 

If you or a loved one has been struggling to limit or stop using drugs or alcohol, it may be time to begin looking into Oxford Pilgrim rehab centers. Laguna View Detox offers inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. To learn more about our treatment options, call (866) 932-3206 to speak with a representative now.

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Laguna View Detox is a Los Angeles Drug Rehab That Accepts Oxford Pilgrim

Laguna View Detox is the ideal drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, California. Our luxury treatment facility offers detoxification programming, residential inpatient treatment, and aftercare programming. Each of our programs will be tailored to address your unique needs. This allows us to address all the areas of your life that were impacted by your drug and alcohol use, providing you with a holistic treatment approach.

Each of the treatment options at Laguna View Detox use a combination of traditional and alternative treatment options. This includes educational sessions, group therapy, and individual sessions. Alternative treatment approaches you will have access to include anger management, life skills training, relapse prevention education, yoga, art therapy, and meditation. 

We recognize the prevalence of mental health concerns among individuals living with an addiction. This includes anxiety, depression, mood disorders, personality disorders, and trauma-related disorders. 

If you feel as though you cannot control your use of drugs or alcohol, or that you have hit rock bottom, the professionals at Laguna View Detox can provide you with the support, guidance, and encouragement that you deserve. You will leave with a clear understanding of addiction, recovery, and how to live your best life. To learn more about the treatment options available at Laguna View Detox, call (866) 932-3206.


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