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Addiction Treatment and Insurance

Multiplan Insurance

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Paying for drug or alcohol treatment out of pocket can be expensive and is often one of the primary reasons that many who desperately need addiction treatment services choose to put off or forgo rehab altogether. Fortunately, today many who need treatment help can use various types of health insurance as one way to reduce or eliminate the cost of what can sometimes be a lifesaving treatment. 

Someone with a drug or alcohol use disorder is more likely to relapse or overdose without professional addiction treatment services to help them safely detox and manage cravings. This can lead to dangerous and, unfortunately, sometimes fatal consequences. Multiplan is a PPO (preferred provider organization) network that specializes in providing government and commercial health plans to individuals and businesses in need of health insurance. 

It is important to clarify that Multiplan itself is not an insurance provider. Therefore, Multiplan does not sell health insurance plans directly to individuals or employers. Obtaining health coverage through one of Multiplan’s preferred provider organization (PPO) networks may help minimize the financial impacts of seeking addiction treatment. There are luxury rehab programs in Southern California, including ours at Laguna View Detox, that are in-network with Multiplan. Choosing an in-network provider can also help lower the cost of your or your loved one’s essential addiction treatment. 

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Most Major PPO Insurance Providers Will Help Cover the Cost of Treatment.

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How Multiplan Can Help

How Can Multiplan Insurance Help With Addiction Treatment?

Because Multiplan is not an insurance provider, it does not directly provide payment to detox and treatment programs for drug or alcohol detox or subsequent addiction treatment services. However, many of the common benefits and services offered at rehab facilities that are in-network with Multiplan may be partially or even fully covered by an insurance plan provided through a Multiplan-affiliated provider. Multiplan works with an extensive network of almost one million medical and behavioral health providers. The insurance providers that work with Multiplan can choose to include this network within their individual benefit plants. 

Depending on your particular insurance provider, a services agreement with Multiplan may lead to reduced out-of-pocket costs for a wide variety of mental health and substance abuse treatment services. So, while Multiplan does not directly pay for alcohol or drug rehab, the many insurance companies that work directly with Multiplan cover addiction treatment services at various levels. Therefore, it is essential to know which specific insurance provider your Multiplan insurance is through. This will allow you to better the level of care and type of addiction treatment coverage you may have. 


Laguna View Detox offers a state-of-the-art drug & alcohol detox program that is safe & effective at our Orange County facility.

Residential Inpatient

The evidence-based approach at Laguna View Detox's luxury residential inpatient program offers world-class methods that work.

Aftercare & Alumni

We offer thorough aftercare planning & alumni programming to keep clients connected to the recovery community.


What Treatment Does Multiplan
Insurance Cover?

The type of treatment, level of care (residential treatment, outpatient, intensive outpatient, etc.), and duration of addiction treatment coverage will depend on the benefits outlined in your individual insurance plan. The best way to ensure the lowest out-of-pocket cost is to ensure that you choose an addiction treatment program like Laguna View Detox, which is in-network with Multiplan. Most PPO insurance plans will offer mental health and addiction treatment coverage (at varying levels) as long as the addiction treatment program is in-network.

Information on Multiplan’s website indicates drug and alcohol treatment services that may be eligible for Multiplan coverage generally include detox services, inpatient treatment programs, medication-assisted treatment, outpatient addiction treatment programs, and prescription medication management.

For many with a drug or alcohol addiction, finding an Orange County detox center is the first step in healing and overcoming addiction. Depending on the severity of your addiction, the type of substance you use, and how long you have lived with a substance use disorder, the detox process can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days. Most Multiplan insurance plans will cover medically-assisted detox at a professional detox and addiction treatment center like Laguna View Detox. Most doctors often recommend medical detox programs for withdrawing from most addictive substances, especially opioids and alcohol. During medical detox, medical and mental health providers provide support and monitoring to improve symptom management and detox success.

Many insurance policies will help cover the cost of detox services. However, whether or not your Multiplan insurance covers detox depends on your individual policy and the specific insurance provider. Sometimes, you must submit prior authorization to your insurance provider to receive coverage for inpatient detox services. It is important to contact us at Laguna View Detox before beginning treatment, as we can help you navigate the potential challenges of understanding what benefits and services are covered under your Multiplan benefits. 

Residential addiction treatment programs require you to live onsite in a rehab facility throughout the duration of treatment. Most insurance providers will pay for up to 180 days of inpatient addiction treatment care. Similarly, outpatient addiction treatment care is also covered by many plans to varying levels and for varying durations. 

Know how to make the most of your insurance

How to Verify Benefits and Coverage for Multiplan

The best way to determine your coverage level for addiction treatment with Multiplan is to contact your insurance provider directly. If you are unsure what questions to ask, contact our admissions team at Laguna View Detox. Our team of professionals is highly experienced with Multiplan and many other insurance companies, and we can help guide you through the steps of the benefit verification process. We understand it can be challenging to work directly with your insurance company and, perhaps, even more complex to understand the wide variations in treatment coverage options. We are here to help guide you every step of the way to ensure you understand how your benefits can help you take the first steps towards healing from addiction. 

A Luxury Experience

Laguna View Detox Accepts Multiplan Insurance

Because Multiplan is not an insurance provider, finding a rehab program that accepts your Multiplan policy may seem confusing. However, it doesn’t have to be. Laguna View Detox accepts Multiplan insurance and our admissions team is here to help you better understand how your Multiplan coverage can increase your options for addiction treatment. 

Seeking help to heal from drug or alcohol addiction without insurance is expensive and can lead to worry and concern about how to pay for rehab. Lack of financial coverage is one of the main reasons so many millions of Americans who live with the life-changing symptoms of drug or alcohol addiction choose not to seek help at a treatment program. With an insurance policy through Multiplan, detox, addiction treatment, and Orange County inpatient treatment are available. 

Multiplan insurance benefits cover many essential addiction treatment services, including detox, addiction therapy, and aftercare. If you or a loved one has a drug or alcohol use disorder and are ready to seek treatment at a Multiplan rehab in Southern California, contact us at Laguna View Detox Today. Our caring and compassionate admissions and treatment teams are here to help you learn more about your detox and treatment options and the pivotal next steps on your path to lasting sobriety.


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