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Young Adults Addiction Treatment

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Addiction Statistics for Young Adults

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Studies show that commonly abused substances by young adults include alcohol, marijuana, vaping nicotine, vaping marijuana, cigarettes, and other drugs respectively. 32% of the young adults surveyed reported binge drinking in the past two weeks, while 10.8% of participants endorsed daily marijuana use.

This report also noted that there were historically higher prevalence rates among young adults for:

  • Marijuana use
  • Nicotine vaping
  • Binge drinking
  • Hallucinogen use

Laguna View Detox is a Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehab center for young adults. Our luxury residential inpatient rehab in Orange County offers a variety of comprehensive treatment options. Your time with us can range from 30 to 120 days, depending on your unique situation. Upon your arrival, our staff will work with you to identify your treatment needs and discuss any specialized treatment options that you could benefit from. To learn more about how Laguna View Detox can support you, we invite you to speak with a representative by calling (866)932-3206.

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the background

Why Do Young Adults Abuse Drugs?

There are a variety of things that contribute to the use of drugs and alcohol among young adults. During the ages that are associated with being a young adult, we try to figure out who we are, what our likes and dislikes are, and what we are doing with our life. For many, this stage includes experimenting with new things, such as drugs and alcohol. 

Access to drugs and alcohol for young adults is not known to be difficult. For some young adults, it can feel as though everyone around them is drinking and using, and to fit in they do the same. Peer pressure can be another factor that influences a young adult’s behaviors.  

Young adults with a history of abuse, neglect, trauma, and other mental health concerns may use substances to cope with mental health distress if they do not have healthier options. While substances are not a healthy way to cope with distress, they can provide temporary relief.

If you find yourself looking for a young adult’s drug rehab in Los Angeles, CA, we invite you to speak with a Laguna View Detox representative at (866) 932-3206. Our inpatient addiction treatment options will be modified to your needs and can include additional features such as medication-assisted treatment and co-occurring mental health treatment. You will also have access to our luxurious amenities and alternative therapies. Call (866) 932-3206 to learn more today!


Laguna View Detox offers a state-of-the-art drug & alcohol detox program that is safe & effective at our Orange County facility.

Residential Inpatient

The evidence-based approach at Laguna View Detox's luxury residential inpatient program offers world-class methods that work.

Aftercare & Alumni

We offer thorough aftercare planning & alumni programming to keep clients connected to the recovery community.

The barriers for young adults

What Are the Barriers to Substance Abuse Treatment for Young Adults?

Young adults may have a more challenging time accepting that their use of alcohol and drugs is problematic if others in their life are doing the same things. This can be especially common in young adults attending college or university. 

Young adults may worry about being able to afford treatment. If a young adult is independent, they may not have health insurance or may not have the funds necessary to pay their expected co-pay and deductibles. 

Young adults who are on their parent or guardian insurance plans may worry about how their parents would react if they shared their concerns regarding their substance use. They may worry about disappointing, angering, or letting down their parents, which leads to them not voicing their concerns when they arise. 

Another factor that a young adult may consider is time. Many young adults are busy with work, school, and other responsibilities. Individuals who have a busy schedule may not see an opportunity in their schedule to allow them to get the treatment that they need. 

Laguna View Detox is a young adult detox program in Los Angeles that offers an inpatient rehab program to those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. Our treatment program utilizes a combination of traditional addiction treatment approaches with specialized options to ensure you are receiving the best care possible. We offer young adult treatment options that focus on age-specific stressors and challenges that you may experience. To learn more about our young adult treatment program, we invite you to speak with a Laguna View Detox representative by calling (866)932-3206.

Specialized treatment for young adults

Are There Drug and Alcohol Rehabs for Young Adults in Los Angeles?

There are a variety of inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment providers in the Los Angeles, CA, area. When you begin looking for a treatment provider, you will want to ensure that they offer specialized treatment options that you need, such as a young adult’s program. Thankfully, there are young adult rehab centers in Los Angeles. 

Laguna View Detox is the ideal Los Angeles young adult rehab center. Our luxury rehab in Laguna Beach offers a safe, home-like environment that will help you feel comfortable so that you can focus on engaging in treatment. Our program includes features such as relapse prevention and education, anger management, yoga, meditation, music therapy, and art therapy. Our additional treatment programs are designed to be modified for each individual we work with. If you are ready to take the next step in your recovery, we invite you to call (866) 932-3206 to speak with a representative today.

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Laguna View Detox is a Comprehensive Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center for Young Adults

Detox is a common first step in the recovery process which allows your body to adjust to the changes that naturally occur when you stop using. Our staff will provide you with around-the-clock monitoring and support if you have an adverse experience with this. 

Our inpatient rehab program can vary in length and will be based on your treatment needs. Specialized treatment options, including our young adult option, may also have an impact on the length of your stay with us.

When you choose one of the treatment programs at Laguna View Detox, you will receive holistic treatment that treats your mind, body, and soul. In addition to traditional treatment approaches such as group and individual therapy, you will have the opportunity to participate in anger management training, meditation exercises, yoga practices, art therapy, and music therapy. 

At Laguna Beach Detox, we recognize that addiction affects everyone differently and that you will likely have different needs in your treatment. This is the reason that we offer a variety of alternative therapies and specialized treatment options. When you are ready to start the next step in your recovery, Laguna Beach Detox will be here to support you. Call (866) 932-3206 to speak with a representative today!


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