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Meth Addiction Treatment

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With the use of television shows and other forms of media, meth is a substance that has received some spotlight compared to other substances. Television shows have depicted the presence of meth in the United States and what a meth addiction can look like for someone struggling. While television shows can be dramatized, they often depict some level of truth. 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that approximately 1.6 million adults struggled with meth addiction in the United States in 2021. Additionally, in the same year, over 32,000 individuals lost their lives to a psychostimulant overdose, most believed to be the result of meth.  

Laguna View Detox is a meth detox center in Laguna Beach, CA. Our luxury addiction treatment facility offers detoxification, inpatient rehab programming, and aftercare planning support. To learn more about the addiction treatment program available at Laguna View Detox, call (866) 932-3206 today. 

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What is Meth?

Meth is a stimulant that is highly addictive when misused and abused. While meth does have roots in the medical field, it is not currently used by healthcare professionals because of the dangerous risks, including developing an addiction. 

Meth is available in three forms; crystal, base, and speed. Each is used in a different method and has slight differences in the speed of their effects. Regardless, each form of meth has a strong impact on a person’s synthetic nervous system. Meth can be cut with other substances, which increases the dangers associated with its use. 

If you feel you cannot control or stop using meth, you could benefit from an Orange County meth rehab center. Laguna View Detox offers individualized programming in each of our treatment programs to ensure that you receive the support you need for a healthy and lasting recovery. Call (866) 932-3206
to speak with a representative today! 


Laguna View Detox offers a state-of-the-art drug & alcohol detox program that is safe & effective at our Orange County facility.

Residential Inpatient

The evidence-based approach at Laguna View Detox's luxury residential inpatient program offers world-class methods that work.

Aftercare & Alumni

We offer thorough aftercare planning & alumni programming to keep clients connected to the recovery community.


What Are the Signs of Meth Use?

There are a variety of signs that are associated with meth. It is important to note that some of the symptoms listed can be the result of other mental health or medical concerns, so if you are concerned about a loved one, take a moment to think if there may be more to their behavior than what you’re seeing at this moment. 

Common signs associated with meth abuse include:

  • Unintended weight loss
  • Becoming physically weak
  • Scratching or itching more than usual
  • Getting sick more than usual
  • Having new dental concerns
  • Financial hardships
  • New physical and mental health concerns
  • Withdrawing from family and friends
  • Developing a tolerance
  • Experiencing cravings
  • Continued use despite negative consequences
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • Using to relieve withdrawal symptoms

If you are worried about a loved one’s substance abuse, they may benefit from meth addiction treatment in Orange County. Laguna View Detox works with individuals who are misusing and abusing a variety of substances, including meth. Our staff will work with your loved one to ease their distress and ensure that they receive personalized care. To learn more about the addiction treatment available at Laguna View Detox, call (866) 932-3206 now!


How Does Meth Affect the Body?

The effects of meth are often felt rather quickly. The user may experience euphoria or a sense of being elated. They may feel more alert, have a decrease in their appetite, and can become energized or active. The high associated with meth can last from 6 to 12 hours. 

Some of the physical effects of meth include an increased heart rate, irregular heartbeat, and an increase in blood pressure. When someone ingests too much meth, they can experience an overdose. During a meth overdose, there is a risk of convulsions, high body temperature, and death if proper medical treatment is not received. 

Meth is known to significantly impact an individual’s physical health. This can include damage to your brain, heart, kidneys, skin, mouth, gums, and teeth. Individuals may also have an increased risk for stroke and Parkinson’s disease. Some individuals who abuse meth struggle with psychosis and hallucinations. 

Laguna View Detox is the ideal meth detox center in Laguna. Our staff will provide you with the support, encouragement, and tools necessary to work towards a healthy recovery. To learn more about our addiction treatment options at Laguna View Detox, call (866) 932-3206.

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How to Treat Meth Addiction

The treatment of a meth addiction often begins in a detox program. Detox programs are designed to give your body the space and time it needs to adjust to the changes that occur when you stop using. You will also have the opportunity to have health exams to check for health concerns that result from your use. Medical supervision is typically available around the clock to provide you with comfort and support. 

Inpatient addiction treatment programs provide you with a safe and sober environment while you begin therapy and treatment regarding your addiction. Your treatment program will be dependent on the severity of your addiction, associated risk factors, and your mental health. 

Outpatient treatment programs can provide you with continued support when you return to and adjust to your daily responsibilities at home. These programs provide you with continued support while you navigate the expected and unexpected challenges of recovery. 

Another option would be peer-led support groups. These groups are not considered addiction treatment; however, many find that it is a crucial component of their recovery. Meetings are often available throughout the day and in various locations of communities to accommodate different schedules. 

Laguna View Detox is an Orange County meth detox center that offers personalized addiction treatment programming. Our addiction treatment programs utilize a whole-body wellness approach to ensure that you receive the full spectrum of support you need for your recovery. To learn more about the treatment options at Laguna View Detox, call (866) 932-3206. 


Laguna View Detox is a Meth Detox Center in Orange County

If you have been struggling with a meth addiction, there are inevitable consequences you have likely experienced. This can include being unable to control your use, distancing yourself from friends and loved ones, and withdrawal symptoms. Addiction has a different impact on each individual, so you may notice that your experience differs from others. Because addiction looks different for everyone, it is important that you choose an addiction treatment program that provides treatment options to support these differences. 

Laguna View Detox is a meth addiction treatment center in Orange County that works with individuals who struggle with a variety of substances, including heroin, prescription medications, cocaine, alcohol, and meth. Many of the individuals we work with benefit from our detoxification program. The goal of this program is to support you while your body adjusts to the natural changes that occur in recovery. Withdrawal can be an uncomfortable and even painful experience that can contribute to a relapse despite having a sincere goal of getting sober. 

Our Southern California luxury treatment program uses a combination of interventions that are known to be effective in treating individuals struggling with a substance use disorder, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. Additionally, we include relapse prevention skills, whole-body wellness, and a variety of alternative therapy options. This includes art therapy, yoga, anger management education, and stress reduction education. 

Before your time in our treatment facility concludes, our staff will work with you to develop a thorough aftercare plan. While this will look different for each individual, our goal is to connect you to healthy supports that you can reach out to within your home community. This can include outpatient treatment for addiction, dual diagnosis, and medication-assisted treatment. It could also include your local peer-led support groups. 

If you have been struggling with drugs or alcohol and have reached a point where you feel ready to take a step toward your recovery, the staff at Laguna View Detox is here to support you. We will stand beside you step by step through these early weeks of your recovery. We are confident that our luxurious facility, along with our kind and compassionate staff, will have a lasting impact on your recovery. To learn more about how Laguna View Detox can support you in your recovery, call (866) 932-3206 today!



The approach involves medically supervised detox to address the unique challenges of meth addiction.

The program includes stages such as detox, inpatient rehab, and aftercare planning.

Yes, the program emphasizes a personalized approach to treatment.

The program offers a variety of therapy options tailored to the individual’s needs.

Yes, continuous support is a key component of the meth addiction treatment program.

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