Benefits of Going to a Six Bed, Private Drug Rehab

Six Bed, Private Drug Rehab

Once you decide to go to rehab and get sober, the next decision is where to go to rehab. There are many different treatment facilities and options. Rehab serves as the foundation of your sobriety and private drug rehab can help you form a strong foundation. Addiction is a mental and physical disease that requires specialized treatment by experienced professionals. 

If you’re struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol, a small private rehab may be the right choice for you. Early recovery is never easy, but getting sober in an intimate environment can provide the surroundings you need. At Laguna View Detox, we provide a beautiful, intimate setting and a wealth of experience to help you get on the road to sobriety. 

Why You Should Go to a Small, Six-Bed Facility

Seeking help at  private drug rehab is one way that you can set yourself up for success. Lower staff-to-patient ratios translate to more individualized care. Private rehabs have significantly more flexibility than publicly-funded rehabs which allows for more tailored care. By blending evidence-based practices, luxurious surroundings, and healthcare expertise in an intimate setting, we create an optimal environment for sobriety. 

A small private rehab is equipped to provide you with the support that you need to begin your journey. With environments more like home than a hospital, small private drug rehabs offer a warm and soothing environment for recovery.  Small private drug rehabs also employ some of the most experienced addiction professionals in the industry.

Benefits of an Intimate and Private Drug Rehab

While the costs of a small private drug rehab can be higher, the additional cost is money well spent. One of the most prominent differences is the focus on your experience while you are in rehab. In addition to the continuous improvement of treatment services, private rehabs may also have enhanced accommodations and services.  Accommodations can be more comfortable and you can often expect delicious cuisine. At a small private drug rehab, your care team can customize your treatment specifically to you.  Your plan will be based on your specific drug/alcohol history, your history of trauma, any co-occurring disorders, and your physical health. By incorporating your circumstances and history into the treatment plan, the counselors can better lead you through rehab. 

Smaller private drug rehabs might also offer more in depth treatment  with more treatment modalities so that your addiction can be treated holistically.  In addition to individual therapy and group therapy, you might find that your treatment includes things like art therapy, yoga, meditation, fitness, holistic practices, and more. Small private drugs rehabs can formulate a plan that attacks your addiction from multiple fronts.

Accomplished, experienced professionals on your care team will partner with you on a holistic treatment plan that equips you to remain on the road to sobriety. A small rehab will prevent you from hiding behind the shadows or trying to blend in during treatment.  Instead, you will be forced to do the work simply because of the resources focused on your treatment.You will find yourself leaving rehab with a complete set of tools to lean on in your recovery.

How Laguna View Detox Can Help You With Addiction

At Laguna View Detox, you will get round the clock care for your addiction.  We are one of the leading private drug rehab centers in Orange County. We provide luxurious, inpatient rehab treatment in one of the most beautiful areas in California. 

Our staff includes some of the best in the industry, and we’ll create a holistic treatment plan tailored to you. We are dedicated to helping you from safely detoxing to inpatient treatment to aftercare. Contact us today and let us help you with your addiction!