Can I Pay for Drug Rehab with Magellan Insurance?

Can I Pay for Drug Rehab With Magellan Insurance?

We at Laguna View Detox know that addiction can be a scary thing to deal with. Added to the life-altering effects of the addiction is the hesitance to get treatment. Getting the right treatment can be the difference between finally beating the addiction and getting on the path to recovery and continuing to struggle with this terrible disease. 

However, many people are reluctant to get treatment because they fear the cost will be too much of a burden or that their insurance won’t cover the cost of treatment. We’re here to help you find the right means to pay for treatment so that you can get the help you need to overcome your addiction. 

Many insurance companies now offer a number of different options for seeking treatment for addiction. Understanding the plans and programs that your insurance company provides can help you get the treatment you need without worrying about the cost.

Does Magellan Health Insurance Pay for Drug Rehab? 

Fortunately, Magellan Health Insurance does offer plans that will cover all or part of your drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment. Every insurer has different levels of coverage as well as service providers. Depending on the plan you have you may not have to pay anything for your treatment. 

Magellan offers addiction treatment coverage through its employee assistance program plan called LifeResources. Through this program, customers may be provided with a variety of coverage options for detoxification, outpatient treatment, inpatient rehabilitation stays, and even luxury rehabilitation stays. 

Your first step is to get a referral from a medical professional for treatment. Like most insurance companies, you’ll want to find out what doctors and treatment centers are within your coverage network. Insurance companies partner with groups of medical service providers in order to provide more affordable healthcare coverage. 

You can find out from your provider what doctors and centers are covered and work with an agent to get the consultation you need to begin treatment. In most cases, Magellan drug rehab coverage will cover 100% of the costs associated with treatment once you get it approved. This usually only requires a single visit to a doctor to determine the type of treatment that is necessary. 

What Are the Benefits of Going to Drug Rehab? 

The primary benefit of going to a drug rehab treatment center like Laguna View Detox is that you get quality medical treatment for your addiction in a safe and comfortable environment where our only priority is your recovery. 

Our luxury accommodation ensures that you are welcomed into a stress-free environment that prioritizes individualized treatment that is designed to maximize success and reduce the chances of relapse. By using your Magellan drug rehab coverage, you can take the weight of financing off of your shoulders and focus on getting and staying sober.  

The recovery process typically starts with an evaluation of the person followed by detoxification. Detox is the first step in beginning your treatment plan by removing the harmful and addictive drug from your system. We have medical experts that monitor patients around the clock to make the detox process as safe and comfortable as possible. 

Our residential inpatient treatment is centered on getting you well and treating the addiction as well as the factors that led to it. By working with the person on behavior modification and positive reinforcement, we help to break the chains of addiction and promote a healthy lifestyle that will continue long after treatment ends. 

Once treatment ends and clients are ready to leave, we provide them with the tools necessary to cope with daily stressors and remain sober. Our goal is to help clients achieve a lasting recovery. 

How Laguna View Detox Can Help With Addiction Today

By partnering with your Magellan drug rehab coverage, Laguna View Detox provides you with the option for the rehab treatment you need and deserve. Our luxury inpatient care is the best way to take you out of your substance abuse lifestyle and put you on a sustainable path to recovery. 

Don’t let the fear of treatment stop you from getting well. We are here for you when you need us. Contact us today to start your healing process.