How to Detox from Meth

How to Detox from Meth

For those struggling with a meth addiction, the pull to continue using the drug can be so severe that it can completely destroy your body, your mental health, and ultimately, your life. Although overcoming a meth addiction is not an easy task, it’s something that can be accomplished with the proper help in a supportive environment. At Laguna View Detox, a luxury detox program in Southern California, individuals struggling with meth and other drug and alcohol addictions can 

receive the help they need with a staff of trained professionals who truly understand the ins and outs of addiction, and can get started on the path toward recovery and healing. 

What is Meth? 

Methamphetamine, also known as meth or crystal meth, is a powerful and highly addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Meth use produces feelings of euphoria and increased energy due to a rush of dopamine – a chemical that’s responsible for inducing feelings of pleasure, increasing memory retention, and reward processing. Meth use, however, produces a level of dopamine that is much higher than the natural levels produced by the brain. 

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, meth has been classified as a Schedule II stimulant, which makes it legally available only through a medical prescription. Used in limited cases to treat ADHD, the prescribed dose of methamphetamine is far lower than the dosage usually used during substance abuse. 

Signs of a Meth Addiction 

Because of meth’s highly addictive nature, it takes an incredible toll on the body and the brain which often leads to visible signs of a meth addiction. These signs can include: 

  • Hyperactivity 
  • Physical symptoms, such as dilated pupils, skin sores, rapid eye movements, rotting teeth, extreme and sudden weight loss, and the presence of burns on the skin 
  • Facial tics and twitching 
  • A change in personality including mood swings and agitation 
  • Erratic sleeping patterns or a noticeable lack of sleep 

Long-term meth use can also lead to very serious health issues including liver and kidney damage, heart damage, and many psychological effects including depression, anxiety, hallucinations, and paranoia. If you or a loved one is exhibiting signs of a meth addiction, know that help is out there and detox from meth may be the best next step. 

How to Detox from Meth

If you are looking to get meth out of your system, it’s imperative to detox safely, as the effects of withdrawal and detox from meth can be extremely dangerous if not done under medical supervision. An unsupervised detox from meth can produce symptoms that are extremely uncomfortable and often require medical attention or will set you up for a quick relapse. Instead, facilities that specialize in drug detoxification, like our state-of-the-art facility in Orange County, allow you to rid the body of meth while helping you to safely navigate the withdrawal phase and help you to minimize the effects of detoxification on the body. 

Laguna View Detox Can Help 

Struggling with a meth addiction can be difficult on both the mind and the body. It’s important to remember that even for those with a severe addiction, detox from meth is possible and you can recover to live a healthier, happier life. At Laguna View Detox, we know just how important the detox process is, which is why we provide a safe and luxurious environment to help you break the cycle of being in and out of treatment. If you are ready to take the next step to break your addiction to meth, contact us today and we’ll help you begin your journey toward healing.

What does Relapse on Drugs Mean?

What does relapse on drugs mean

The path toward addiction recovery is often not linear. For those struggling with or recovering from a drug addiction, maintaining sobriety is something that takes work every single day. Overcoming substance use disorders is undoubtedly difficult, and if you find yourself struggling to let go of drug use throughout your recovery journey, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone, and relapses do happen. Laguna View Detox is a luxury rehabilitation and detoxification treatment center in Laguna, California, offering world-class addiction treatment options with caring and professional staff on hand to help you break the cycle of repeated treatment followed by relapses. 

What does relapse on drugs mean? 

But what does relapsing on drugs mean? A relapse on drugs is a sign that the current method of recovery treatment is not working. Relapses happen when a person who is abstaining from drug use returns to behaviors consistent with addiction. It can be triggered by emotions, people, or circumstances that ignite old coping habits. If you or a loved one is struggling with staying sober, returning to a life of addiction and substance abuse, understand that this doesn’t make you a failure, and the right treatment can help you. Recovery is something that takes time, and if you are ready and willing to commit yourself to finding the right treatment method for you, you can break free from drug addiction. 

Signs of a Drug Relapse 

While drug use and addiction look different from person to person, there are some common signs to be aware of that a person is at risk of a relapse, or that a relapse has occurred. If you or a loved one is exhibiting any of the following signs, it may be time to seek the help of a professional to assist with treatment: 

  • Changes in mood or a decline in mental health, heightened anxiety, or depression
  • A loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyable, including a loss of interest in drug recovery and sobriety 
  • An increase in stress levels 
  • An avoidance of behaviors and routines that were developed to assist with recovery 
  • Increased social isolation, including making excuses not to socialize, avoiding supportive environments such as recovery or support groups 
  • An increase in risk-taking behaviors or a heightened overall lack of judgment 
  • Secretive behaviors, including avoiding family and friends 
  • Returning to habits, people, or social situations that were common during previous drug abuse 

How to Get Someone Help With a Drug Relapse

When facing a relapse on drugs, the hardest step can be recognizing that it’s time to seek help. Whether it’s the first relapse, or you’ve faced some hurdles in your journey before, it’s never too late to heal from your addiction and live a drug-free life. 

Laguna View Detox offers a variety of addiction treatment and therapy services to help treat drug relapses and set you on a path to recovery. State-of-the-art detoxification programs at our Orange County facility offer a caring and effective environment to safely rid the body of drugs and help mitigate any withdrawal symptoms. Residential inpatient treatment offers an evidence-based approach and teaches valuable tools to overcome addiction. Thorough aftercare and alumni programming helps to keep clients connected to the recovery community, giving them the best chance at maintaining sobriety and living a life free from relapses. 

If you’re ready to overcome your addiction once and for all, why not try the Laguna View difference and begin healing today? To learn more about our drug relapse treatment services or to get started, contact us today.