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Matthew Lawler

Matthew Lawler


Matthew Lawler plays a pivotal role at Laguna View Detox as a clinical therapist. He takes pride in creating a safe space where clients feel comfortable confiding in him, sharing their struggles, and collaborating on strategies to maintain sobriety and enhance mental health. Matthew finds great fulfillment in both individual and group settings, where he guides clients in developing coping skills, encourages them to share their stories, and fosters a supportive environment for mutual aid.

Holding a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University, Matthew brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to his role. He cherishes the work environment at Laguna View Detox, where the team’s incredible connection and professionalism are matched by a shared commitment to care for both clients and each other. This sense of collective dedication and genuine care is something Matthew values deeply.

What fuels Matthew’s passion for his work is the transformative journey he witnesses in his clients. Observing their growth, resilience, and ownership of their recovery journey is not only rewarding but also a source of constant learning and inspiration. The strength and determination demonstrated by individuals overcoming addiction give him hope and motivation.

Professionally, Matthew is committed to continuous learning and growth as a therapist. He strives to expand his knowledge and enhance his ability to connect with and support his clients effectively. His thirst for knowledge extends into his personal life, where he enjoys exploring various topics through reading, delving into Wikipedia rabbit holes, and watching historical and educational videos. Describing himself as somewhat of a nerd, Matthew’s curiosity about the world is insatiable.

In addition to his professional and intellectual pursuits, Matthew’s life is enriched by his dedication to his wife, family, and friends. He values balance, peace, and joy, continually striving to cultivate these qualities in his life. As a therapist at Laguna View Detox, Matthew Lawler embodies the essence of compassion, commitment, and an unwavering pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

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