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Melanie Duenez

Melanie Duenez

Director of Human Resources

Melanie Duenez serves as the Director of Human Resources for Laguna View Detox, a role that encompasses a wide range of responsibilities aimed at enhancing the workplace and supporting staff. Her duties include overseeing recruitment, hiring and retention, selection of benefits, corrective action, maintenance of personnel files, and ensuring compliance with licensing agencies. Melanie spends a significant portion of her day researching and implementing procedures that boost employee satisfaction and streamline processes. She prioritizes providing employees with a comprehensive benefits package, a straightforward PTO plan, and an accessible HR platform for managing their benefits and other essential information.

Before her current role, Melanie’s professional background was primarily in Sales and Marketing. She pursued higher education at The University of Montana, earning Bachelor’s Degrees in both Psychology and Communication Studies. A transformative career shift led her to return to school for an Associate’s Degree in Alcohol and Drug studies, which enabled her to become a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor. Melanie’s passion for helping individuals struggling with addiction issues has been a constant throughout her career, leading her from roles as a crisis counselor in admissions and business development to her current position in human resources.

Melanie’s commitment to Laguna View Detox stems from her belief in the team and the quality of care they provide. She takes pride in the facility’s comprehensive care team, including nurses, therapists, case managers, and other dedicated staff. Her belief in the program’s mission and its impact on clients’ recovery journeys is a key driver of her job satisfaction.

Professionally, Melanie is passionate about fostering a positive work environment and providing solutions for employees. She is also deeply committed to supporting the facility’s mission of assisting individuals on their path to recovery from addiction. On a personal level, her greatest passion is her six-year-old son, for whom she strives to create the best life possible. Melanie values quality time with her family and enjoys traveling, embracing life as an adventure and eagerly anticipating new experiences. Her dedication to both her professional and personal life makes her a valuable and compassionate leader at Laguna View Detox.

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