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Melany Iglesias

Melany Iglesias

Client Care Coordinator

Melany Iglecias serves as a dedicated Client Care Coordinator (CCC) at Laguna View Detox, a role that involves vigilant oversight of clients, particularly those undergoing detoxification, to ensure their comfort and safety. Her duties include monitoring clients as they take their medications as prescribed, taking vital signs to ensure they are within a healthy range, completing medical assessments, and maintaining open communication with providers about medication orders and health updates.

Melany’s journey into the medical field began at Claremont High School, where she excelled in a Medical Assistant class, earning top marks and completing her internship. Since 2017, she has been applying her skills and knowledge as a medical assistant, continuously building her expertise and commitment to patient care.

Working at Laguna View Detox is more than just a job for Melany; it’s a passion. She values the facility’s genuine care for both clients and staff, as well as the beautiful and therapeutic setting it provides. The positive atmosphere and teamwork among her colleagues make her look forward to coming to work every day.

What Melany loves most about her role in this industry is the opportunity to be part of the clients’ recovery journey. Building bonds with clients, addressing their needs, and witnessing their transformation from day one to completion fills her with immense satisfaction and joy. Seeing such profound changes reaffirms her dedication to her work.

Professionally, Melany is passionate about excelling in her role to become a reliable and trustworthy resource for her coworkers. She takes pride in contributing to the team and ensuring that Laguna View Detox maintains its reputation as a leading treatment center. Driven by a commitment to excellence and teamwork, Melany Iglecias is an essential and valued member of the Laguna View Detox family, dedicated to supporting clients on their path to recovery.

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