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Shannon Farmer, CADC II

Shannon Farmer

Case Manager

Shannon Farmer, a dedicated Case Manager and CADC II, plays an integral role at Laguna View Detox. Her daily responsibilities include attending to clients’ concerns, welfare, and any legal or work-related issues they may face. Shannon is actively involved in facilitating communication between clients and their families and leads Psycho-Education Groups to further the clients’ understanding and coping strategies. She is a versatile team player, always ready to support the management team wherever needed.

Shannon’s educational journey began at Rosewell High School in Rosewell, Georgia. She continued her studies at Dekalb Technical College and is currently pursuing a degree in human services at Saddleback College. This academic background, combined with her professional experience, equips her with the knowledge and empathy necessary to excel in her role.

What Shannon loves most about working at Laguna View Detox is the unwavering care and concern the staff has for all clients. She values the flexibility her role offers, allowing her to interact with clients both clinically and personally, helping them reconnect with their loved ones and navigate their recovery journey.

Her decision to work in this industry is deeply personal. As someone who has experienced the transformative power of recovery firsthand, Shannon is driven by a desire to give back. The treatment center that aided her recovery not only saved her life but also gave her a renewed sense of purpose. Now, she is committed to helping others struggling with addiction, offering hope and guidance based on her own journey.

Professionally, Shannon is passionate about leading and facilitating addiction-based groups. She finds great fulfillment in guiding clients through their recovery, using her knowledge and personal experience to make a meaningful difference. Personally, her passion extends to working with individuals outside of treatment, particularly through the teachings of the Big Book of AA. Leading others to find a higher power and purpose in life is Shannon’s mission, making her an invaluable asset to Laguna View Detox and the recovery community.

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