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Tracy Chamberlain

Tracy Chamberlain

Performance Improvement Coordinator

Tracy Chamberlain holds the impactful position of Performance Improvement Coordinator at Laguna View Detox. In her role, Tracy diligently monitors and audits all Intakes, Discharges, and Group notes, ensuring that daily tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. She works closely with other employees at LVD, fostering a collaborative and productive environment.

Tracy’s background is both profound and inspiring. Having overcome a 23-year struggle with meth addiction, which led to time in jails, prisons, and treatment centers, she turned her life around at the age of 42. Determined to make a positive change, Tracy pursued education in the field of addiction recovery and has since garnered a wealth of experience in various roles, including intake coordinator, office manager, HR assistant, driver, female UA tester, group leader, and doctor liaison. Her educational journey led her to Saddleback College, where she worked her way up to earn the prestigious CCAPP CADC II certification.

Working at Laguna View Detox is more than just a profession for Tracy; it’s a passion. She cherishes the family-like bond she shares with her coworkers and finds great fulfillment in being part of a team that is committed to making a difference. Tracy’s personal journey fuels her love for the addiction recovery industry. Witnessing the transformative moment when “the lights come on” in someone’s eyes and seeing the tremendous growth individuals make is incredibly rewarding for her.

Professionally, Tracy is most passionate about client care, ensuring that each individual receives the support and guidance they need to navigate their recovery journey. On a personal level, her family is her greatest passion

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