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Benzo Detox in Orange County Explained

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Benzodiazepines, or benzos, can be a valuable tool in managing anxiety. However, they also carry a high risk for dependence and should be limited to short-term use. Still, doctors sometimes prescribe them for a longer-term, and you might find yourself unable to stop taking them. When you take any drug over an extended time, it changes the way that your body functions. When you stop taking the medication, your body’s balance is thrown out of alignment and it will let you know quickly. Withdrawing from benzodiazepines without medical supervision can be pretty dangerous, and that’s why you should consider benzo detox in Orange County. 


At Laguna View Detox, we understand how challenging it can be to stop taking benzodiazepines. Whether you are on benzos because a doctor prescribed them or a friend gave them to you, we can help you put them down and begin to live your life free of benzos.

What Is Benzo Detox in Orange County?

Benzodiazepines or benzos are a class of drugs that calm or sedate you when taken. They raise the level of GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. Some of the most common benzos are diazepam (Valium), alprazolam (Xanax) and clonazepam (Klonopin). These medications can be pretty dangerous because they depress your nervous system. Taking too many of them or mixing them with other substances such as alcohol or opioids can be fatal. These drugs can also be quite dangerous because if you stop taking them after using them regularly, you can experience withdrawal symptoms from the unpleasant to the fatal. At benzo detox in Orange County, we partner with you to manage these symptoms and prevent them from becoming dangerous. While this is mainly accomplished by tapering you off the benzos, we also have a wide range of medications available to treat your withdrawal symptoms.

Why You Should Go to Benzo Detox in Orange County

Detoxing from drugs is challenging overall, but detoxing from benzos can be dangerous. By going to benzo detox in Orange County, you will safely complete your detox under medical supervision. Benzo withdrawal causes a myriad of symptoms, including:

  • Headache
  • Heart palpitations
  • Sweating
  • Tremors
  • Muscle pain and stiffness
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness
  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea


And while the symptoms listed above look uncomfortable, withdrawing from benzos can also result in hallucinations, grand mal seizures, and rebound anxiety or panic attacks. After taking benzos for so long, your body will need help to learn how to function without them, and our compassionate staff is here to keep you safe while it’s learning. Detoxing with us will enable you to take the following steps and explore other ways to manage your anxiety without using a medication that creates dependence. 

How To Get Your Loved One Help With Benzos 

At Laguna View Detox, we know all about benzo dependence and detox.  We offer round-the-clock care in a luxurious, inpatient treatment setting in one of the most beautiful areas in California. We’ll ensure you make it through detox safely and then help them build a new sober life. Our committed and compassionate staff are some of the best in the industry, and they’ll work with you to create an individualized, holistic treatment plan. 


We understand the interplay between mental health and addiction and are here to help. We also understand the importance of helping you build a support network for when you leave treatment.  We will care for you while you safely detox and then guide you through inpatient treatment and aftercare. So contact us today and let us help you break free from benzos!  

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