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I Can’t Stop Drinking: What Should I Do?

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Jessica couldn’t bear to see her brother self-destructing in his addiction. She had to reach out to Laguna View Detox for help. And here is what she said…

“I can’t stop drinking. What should I do?” was the first thing Sean said to me when I picked up his call. It took me a few seconds to understand that this was a distress call made at 2 a.m on a Tuesday.

For months, I had watched pensively as Sean drank more and more. At first, it was just a fun Friday night at the club with friends, telling stories, and unwinding. But the bottles kept piling up for Sean.

About ten months before the distress call, I remember telling him that he was drinking a little too much. He scoffed and said it was just a wild weekend. But it wasn’t just that weekend; soon it was every weekend.

One day, I met Sean for coffee and realized that he was drinking every day. This was maybe 4 months before the distress call. I couldn’t watch him drown, and that’s why I’m here asking Laguna View Detox to help him. Well, that’s Jessica’s story and Sean’s first step to recovery.

If you know a loved one who can’t stop drinking or if YOU can’t stop drinking, then this is a familiar story. 

The truth is; it is almost the same plot for every alcoholic. It never seems to be too much until it is. So how do you know when it is?

Can You Stop Being an Alcoholic? 

It is difficult to know where the line between healthy drinking and drinking too much is. Hence the question, how much is too much?  

In 2016, expert medical officers released low-risk guidelines to show the limit for healthy drinking. 

According to this outline, an acceptable amount of alcohol to consume weekly is 14 units. This translates to one and a half bottles of wine and less than six cans of beer. If you find it hard to know the limit, this calculator can help. 

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism or Alcohol Use Disorder is a disease characterized by compulsive consumption of alcohol, an inability to control one’s desire for alcohol, and an adverse reaction when not drinking.

Many alcoholics play the denial game, using a lot of excuses like pressure from work and a need to relax. Take Sean, for example, he had a long day at work and needed a few drinks to feel good. In reality, he couldn’t control his compulsive drinking and found reasons to excuse it. 

Do you find yourself making the same excuses? Here is the thing… 

Alcoholism is sneaky. It creeps up on people, and before long, they are binge drinking and spending the better part of their days passed out. What are the cautionary signs of alcoholism? 

  • Abdicating responsibilities because of a hangover or a drinking binge 
  • Thinking about having a drink all the time 
  • Saying “I want to stop drinking but I can’t”
  • Spending more and more on alcohol 
  • Having a different behavior after drinking

Any of the signs above sound like you on a typical day? What you need to do next is to seek help. You don’t need to feel ashamed or scared because seeking help is the first step to recovery. 

i cant stop drinking

I Want to Quit Drinking but I Can’t

As stated earlier, the willingness to get help and accepting the problem is the first step. Many alcoholics have a hard time reaching this point, but if you or your loved one is at this point, there are many options for you.

  • Rehabilitation programs

There are two choices if you choose to go this route. 

Inpatient/ Residential Treatment 

This could last anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on the sufferer’s needs. During this period, the patient would go through a detox program to rid their body of alcohol.

  • Outpatient treatment 

For outpatient treatment, the client lives at home but attends sessions at a rehabilitation center for three days a week. It often follows an inpatient treatment, but some first-time patients might also be approved for outpatient treatment. 

Other treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step support groups like AA, or non-12 step programs like SMART. 

We Can Help With Your Drinking 

Laguna View Detox is a world-class addiction treatment center that offers addiction treatments and rehabilitation programs in southern California. We can certainly help you or your loved one with drinking. You can’t beat this addiction alone. Contact us today at Laguna View Detox, let us help you with your addiction. 

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