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Sober Date Ideas

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Yes, a sober date might look so simple, but if you’re used to taking cocktails on each date, it can be quite intimidating. A lot of people think a date is incomplete without a glass of wine. Not so true.

Whether you’ve been sober for years, in recovery, or on hiatus, dating without alcohol can be exciting. Plus, without alcohol hindering your motor skills, you don’t have to worry about making a fool of yourself or saying something you would regret. A sober date can allow you to connect with your date on a deeper level. 

Getting Started

Should I tell my partner I’m sober?

Yes, you should. You can tell your partner about your journey to recovery. Do not be embarrassed to say it; if your partner isn’t ready to help you get better, he or she might not be the best choice for you. Always remember that!

Sober Date Ideas

Do not fret, because you are sober doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun dating. Below are sober date ideas! You can pull off these ideas at a moment’s notice and enjoy your date without alcohol in sight.

  • Go to a comedy show

Going on dates to have fun is normal, but you might feel like a date without drinks takes away that tingling excitement or humor alcohol brings. Not to worry, you can go to a comedy show instead!

Almost every town has a comedy club, big or small. Comedy shows can either be funny because the comedians are great, or funny because the comedians .. aren’t so great. Either way, you and your date are bound to share a few laughs together. Just make sure to sit in the back because comedians love to pick on couples! 

  • Take a dance class

Dancing is a great way to have fun without alcohol. It requires being engaged with your date and letting your guard down. If you’re worried about not being a good dancer, there’s a change your date isn’t either. Also, the point isn’t to be good at it – it’s to try something new! You can take a class at a local studio or at home to develop your unique dance party.

sober date idea-dancing

  • Go to a carnival

No doubt, there are many things to do and see at a carnival. You could go on rides to get your adrenaline pumping, visit the haunted house, and so much more. Plus, carnivals always have delicious food. 

  • Go to the movies

This is a perfect date spot that will keep you away from alcohol and give you and your partner something to talk about afterward. Popcorn and candy can replace drinks, and you won’t feel pressured to make continuous conversation all night.

  • Visit a museum 

This might seem like something you do alone regularly, doing it with your partner gives a different and romantic feel. Seeing what kind of art your partner is into (or not into) will give you some insight into the person that they are.  

museum sober date

  • Going to a baseball game

Or basketball, or football! The energy at live sporting events will almost always set the tone for a fun date. Baseball and football both are played outside, so make sure to pick a game where the weather is supposed to be good.

Irrespective of the sober date you end up picking, always remember that you can still have a great time without alcohol. So disregard your misconceptions and get set to enjoy an alcohol-free date!

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