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The Benefits of Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

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Group therapy can take on several forms during substance abuse treatment.  Group therapy for substance abuse may be a group of individuals seeking treatment; alternatively, it may be the family group of the individual seeking treatment.  Alternatively, group therapy can also be used for addictions that are behavior-related such as gaming, gambling, and sexual addictions. Group therapy can also be instrumental in working through grief or developing social skills.  At Laguna View Detox, we believe that group therapy plays a vital role in substance abuse treatment. 

What Is Group Therapy? 

In the simplest terms, group therapy is a form of treatment in which a group of individuals meets together to discuss their problems with a therapist. While there is no set number of individuals, group therapy typically includes 5 to 15 people.  Group therapy can target a particular problem such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or other health issue. Group therapy enables patients to hear the experiences of others and also provides a platform for problem-solving. This listening and problem-solving can be instrumental in family group therapy as a family works to create their life after active addiction.  It is interesting to note that family therapy may occur with only one family or can be done with multiple families to allow everyone to share their struggles and possibly problem-solve together. 

How Does Group Therapy Heal Addiction? 

Group therapy may be formal, as with the presence of a licensed therapist described above, or it can be more informal, as with 12-step group meetings or grief support groups. Addiction group therapy enables those suffering from addiction to see that they are not alone in their addiction. Merely being able to see others struggling in the same way can help to lighten the burdens of addiction. By talking with others who may have seen and done the things you did while in active addiction, you will know that you are not alone.  Addiction can take us to dark places, and we shed light by sharing our stories with others in a therapeutic environment.  There is a saying in 12-step recovery that we are only as sick as the secrets that we keep. Group therapy allows us to release our secrets in a safe and supportive environment to continue to become healthier versions of ourselves.  Many of us in addiction find ourselves relatively isolated by the time we seek treatment, and group therapy can be a bridge back to interacting with others again. 

Can You Continue Group Therapy After Rehab?

Group therapy can be a part of your treatment plan after rehab.  Whether this is through attendance at formal group therapy with a licensed therapist, attendance at recovery meetings or a combination of the two, group therapy can play an essential role in your recovery. As you develop a new sober life, group therapy can provide a support network and some structure. Life after rehab can be difficult, and group therapy can provide a place of sanctuary while you’re navigating those early days. 

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