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What is Couples Rehab?

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When you start a relationship, you learn a great deal about the other person, but no matter how much you learn, you still uncover new information the longer you stay together. You might be shocked to learn that your partner struggles with drugs and alcohol, especially when they are skillful at concealing their addiction. There might be circumstances where you get married and only find out that your spouse has been hiding an addiction to drugs or alcohol since before you stood at the altar. There might be other times when both partners were hiding something. In a third group, you might both have married or begun a relationship with no addiction but over time developed addiction concurrently to things like drugs and alcohol, especially when social activities centered around drug and alcohol consumption.


So what can you do when you reach the point where you and your spouse or partner recognize that you have an addiction? One solution is attendance at couples drug rehab centers.


Can Couples Go to Rehab Together?

Yes, in some situations, couples rehab is an option where people can get treatment at the same time. Contact Laguna View Detox today to learn more about our Southern California rehab center.


What is Couples Rehab?

Couples rehab is a type of rehab where you and your partner get help at the same time, and you both focus on soberly rebuilding your lives. Usually, rehab for couples can be either inpatient or outpatient treatment.


Generally, couples drug rehab centers offering inpatient or outpatient programs are almost exactly the same for individuals and couples, with a few exceptions. There are many facilities that allow rehab for couples where both individuals are struggling with addiction. In these situations, you might share a room and participate in your social activities together. Certain facilities might even allow you to bring your pets or have your children attend things like social activities or family counseling sessions together.


With outpatient programs, you might say in your home with your partner, but you both attend rehab together.

Is Couples Rehab Beneficial in Treatment?

Yes, couples rehab can be very beneficial. At Laguna View Detox, we offer several treatment options in Orange County that can benefit couples.

Individual Treatment

At couples rehab centers, you still get individualized treatment based on your specific needs and your specific addiction, even if you are both addicted. You get a treatment that starts with a medical detox and then subsequent individual therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention classes, holistic therapy, and more. Individual therapy you would still do individually, but other therapies you would likely do with your partner.

Relationship-Focused Treatment

In addition to your individual treatment, you also get a chance to focus on your relationship. You will get access to addiction treatment that helps you deal with relationship issues that might have previously been obscured by the drug and alcohol abuse. You’ll learn how to cope with those issues, especially if they are a trigger for a relapse. You’ll also learn how to better communicate with one another and be a more supportive partner, especially as you transition into a path of sobriety.

Educational Resources

Understanding how addiction works can make it easier for you to understand what’s driving certain behavioral changes in your spouse and yourself. In some cases, couples rehab centers offer educational resources so that both partners can learn about addiction and how it impacts their bodies and brains. You and a partner can use these resources or classes to learn more about the way addiction changes the body and the brain.


Some centers offer rehab for couples with outpatient programs where you both attend rehab even if only one of you is an addict. This process gives the non-addicted partner insight into the recovery process while also serving as a stabilizing influence for the addicted partner. What’s more, you don’t necessarily both have to struggle with addiction to utilize couples rehab.


How to Find a Rehab Center for Couples

When you are ready for couples rehab, you must find a facility that helps you work together toward recovery. Look for a facility with inpatient or outpatient programs based on your preference or need. Make sure the facility you choose is in a supportive environment, particularly a natural environment. You don’t have to live in Southern California to appreciate how an inpatient stay at a rehab center along the beach could afford you a great deal of peace and relaxation as you focus on yourself and your relationship.


At Laguna View, we offer a range of addiction therapy services that can be designed for you and your partner. We help you understand addiction so that you can appreciate the way it changes the brain and how addiction can lead to destructive behavior. We can also help you identify what factors in your relationship might result in a relapse to work together to remain sober.


Laguna View Detox offers inpatient treatment in Los Angeles, CA. Let Laguna View help you rebuild your relationship today.

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