How to Quit Smoking Pills

How to quit smoking pills

A sad fact of addiction is that when someone is addicted to using drugs, they will continue experimenting with how they ingest the drugs. This experimentation, often dangerous, continues in an attempt to get the best high or the fastest high. Individuals who use cocaine will often move from snorting it to smoking it or injecting it. Similarly, someone who began by ingesting prescription pain medications may begin to snort or smoke the pills. Others, typically those in college or younger, will stumble across smoking opioid pain medications and then find themselves addicted. 


As an outsider looking in, you may be trying to determine if your loved one struggles with addiction. You may not know the signs, and you may not know that one drug can be taken in so many different ways. At Laguna View Detox, we know all about the different ways drugs can be taken and the devastating effects created by their use. We are here to help you and your loved one navigate their road away from addiction. 


What Does It Mean to “Smoke Pills”?

While many people simply swallow prescription opioids, others crush them into a powder to either inject, snort, or smoke. By injecting, snorting, or smoking the powder, the individual gets a more potent high. However, smoking pills is also more dangerous and can cause respiratory issues. When we swallow a tablet, the drug has to pass through our gastrointestinal system and liver, which means it takes longer to feel the high. When someone smokes pills, the drugs enter through the lungs and result in a faster high. Smoking prescription drugs leads to a higher dependence and, as a result, more drug-seeking behaviors. Someone who is smoking prescription pain pills may be more likely to begin seeking illicit drugs such as heroin as their addiction progresses. 


Signs My Loved One Is Smoking Pills 

There are some common signs and symptoms of opioid use, regardless of how they are ingested.  Those who use opioids will have pinpoint pupils, lowered blood pressure, decreased heart rate, and lowered body temperature. Other symptoms include exhibiting a euphoric feeling and appearing to be moving more slowly. 

Those who are smoking pills will likely have paraphernalia for smoking the pills, such as spoons for crushing the pills, lighters, and papers to roll the powder. Sometimes you may see signs of withdrawal when your loved one is between bouts of using. Opioid withdrawal looks almost exactly the opposite of opioid intoxication. You might note that they cannot sleep, are sweating, have teary eyes, complain of pain, are nauseous, and have diarrhea. If you suspect that someone you love is abusing opioids, it’s critical to know the signs of an overdose. Opioids slow down the body, so if you notice that your loved one’s breathing has slowed down to less than ten breaths per minute and they are unable to remain awake, contact emergency services for help. 


How Laguna View Detox Can Help You With Addiction

At Laguna View Detox, you will get round-the-clock professional care for your opioid addiction. We understand how quickly opioid addiction can happen, and we’re here to support you as you break free. As one of the leading private drug rehab centers in Orange County, we provide luxurious, inpatient rehab treatment. With some of the industry’s best staff, we will design a holistic treatment plan catered to you. We are committed to assisting you in getting onto the road to clean and sober. We’ll guide you from detox to inpatient treatment to aftercare in one of the most beautiful areas in California. Contact us today, and let us help you get free of your addiction!  

Maintaining Sobriety During Tough Times

Family issues, financial problems, and personal battles are just some of the challenges we humans face every day. This doesn’t change regardless of whether or not you’re in early addiction recovery. Life can get tough, which can leave you wondering whether you made the right choice of getting sober. No matter how hard things get, being sober is better than using drugs or alcohol. Remember, you have worked so hard to start your journey of recovery, don’t let that go to waste! You have a whole new life ahead of you to explore. But how do you maintain sobriety during tough times?

Recovery Is Lifelong 

It is important to understand that addiction recovery is a lifelong process. At the beginning of recovery, you may have been able to remove yourself from society to focus 100% on getting sober. Unfortunately, inpatient addiction treatment does not last forever. The everyday stressors will eventually start to creep back up on you post-treatment but not to worry, with the right knowledge and awareness, you can easily manage these stressors without turning to drugs or alcohol.  

Below are a few ways to maintain sobriety during tough times: 

Check-in With Yourself

A crucial component to staying sober despite hard times is checking in with yourself. It’s important to be aware of how you feel at all times. It’s helpful to check in with yourself a few times a day to ask yourself “how am I feeling?” “am I stressed or overwhelmed?”. Taking a few minutes to reflect will help you identify any drug cravings or triggers and stop them from getting worse. 

Embrace a Hobby

Hobbies can be a great productive outlet and a healthy distraction from the everyday stressors of life. Although it may contradict what we discussed above, it’s totally healthy to do something that takes your mind off of things that are stressing you out, within reason of course. 

Reading, writing, drawing, or even something as simple as coloring are all constructive hobbies. If you don’t want to lean into your creative side, cooking and gardening are also nice hobbies to pick up. Cooking is an extremely useful skill due to the fact that we have to eat to live, and if you pick up gardening, you can plant fruits & vegetables! 

Stick to a Routine 

If you have never had a daily routine, this may be the best time to develop one . Keep a structured weekly schedule, even if you don’t have a job. Doing things the old way will only invite triggers that can cause relapse. If you used to wake up at 10 in the morning and only drink a cup of coffee, you could change that to waking a bit early, taking a small morning jog, making something healthy for breakfast, and starting your day. A chaotic lifestyle may hinder proper recovery, especially when you have to deal with life issues and unforeseen circumstances.

Eat a Balanced Diet and Exercise 

Eating well and exercising will boost your overall mood, which ultimately leads to you coping with stress in a healthy way. Eating foods that restore energy will help you feel motivated to work out. Exercise such as karate and yoga can help achieve internal self-balance and control. Sticking to a regular exercise schedule and eating routine is an excellent way to stay sober and cope with stress. 


Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can cause mood changes and the inability to think straight. If you anticipate a stressful week at work coming up, or are experiencing some personal issues like a break up, make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Feeling well rested will help you feel relaxed and able to focus on your recovery. 

We Want to Help

Are you struggling to remain sober during tough times? Laguna View Detox can help you achieve and maintain sobriety. We are a luxury drug and alcohol treatment center based in the beautiful Laguna Beach, CA. We offer a safe home-like and secure addiction treatment environment to help you develop a positive attitude towards addiction treatment and recovery. 

We use cognitive behavioral therapy as a treatment process. We also focus on holistic treatment modalities during our inpatient and detox programs. We boast some of the best clinical team members around. Our caring support team will offer you excellent aftercare planning and an alumni program to follow up on how you are managing sobriety. Feel free to visit us today!

Are you Sober-Curious?

We’ve all seen it — Hollywood’s idea of what drug addiction looks like. Movie addicts are either dimensionless dregs of society, or they’re renowned artists who eventually transform into sobriety and never relapse. Even realistic attempts often show the addict spiraling down until they hit rock bottom and have a sudden awakening that they need help. In movie land, there is usually no ongoing struggle.

Alas, real life is not so simple.

The truth is that drug abuse and addiction affect people from virtually all demographics. In fact, the U.S. Surgeon General reports that over 20 million Americans engage in substance abuse each year. And if you’re like many people who are struggling with drug abuse, you probably won’t have a definitive “awakening” moment. Instead, it’s very likely that you are already “sober-curious”, that is, curious about becoming sober and pondering how your present life could be different. Many people in this category have attempted staying sober for short periods of time.

The good news is that if you’re reading this, your interest in overcoming addiction is becoming more than just a curiosity. Here are some of the things you should consider:

Substance Abuse Takes a Toll on Your Health

It’s very possible that you already know how substance abuse can negatively impact your personal and professional life, even in small ways. Perhaps you’ve already missed some important events or appointments, or you no longer feel as on top of work as you once did. But if that’s not reason enough to start thinking about getting sober, then you should at least be thinking about how it is affecting your health.

Each substance (drugs and alcohol) come with their own detrimental health effects, some more so than others. But the truth is that you can overdose on most things. Furthermore, even lighter drug and alcohol use can cause disrupted sleep patterns and insomnia, along with increased risk of cancer, heart disease and other serious illnesses.

Substance abuse also correlates strongly with mental health disorders like depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder (all of which can lead to serious physical health problems when left untreated). In fact, the National Institute of Drug Abuse reports that 1 in 4 individuals suffering from a mental illness also suffer from a substance use disorder. Making matters even worse, substance abuse often only worsens the symptoms of mental illness, leading to a vicious cycle of more abuse in an attempt to cope.

Benefits of Sobriety

The path to addiction recovery can be challenging, but it comes with great rewards. Not only will kicking the habit drastically improve your health, but getting sober will also leave more money in your pocket and enable you to spend more quality time with family and friends.

In fact, here are some of the key benefits that give many people that final push to get the help they need:

  • Get a second chance – Many people leave addiction treatment feeling refreshed and better than they have in years, not to mention with a whole new perspective on life and what they want out of it.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle – After you go through detox, your body will automatically begin repairing itself from the ravages of drug and/or alcohol abuse. Life in recovery is the perfect time to start focusing on your overall health, from eating a well-balanced diet to getting regular exercise.
  • Stop wasting money – The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reports that people struggling with addiction often spend between $100 and $1000 a month on their substance of choice, with many spending even more.
  • Rebuild relationships – Chances are, some of your relationships with friends and family have suffered at least a little as a result of drug abuse. Addiction recovery is the perfect time to rebuild what you once had and even make entirely new connections.
  • Discover new activities – Not only will you have more time to be active, but sobriety also opens up multiple new doors. Learn the joys of making art with a clear mind, take classes to learn new skills, volunteer, go explore local parks and nature, travel, pick up a sport, etc.

Misconceptions About Life in Recovery

There’s a common misconception that people who are sober are “boring” or don’t go out much. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, an increasing amount of restaurants are offering more non-alcoholic cocktail options while numerous social groups are launching outings that don’t revolve around drinking or drug abuse.

This is thanks to the increasing amount of people all over the country entering life in recovery or even dipping their sober-curious toes into short periods of sobriety. When you reach addiction recovery, you’ll have more options than ever!

Another big misconception is that people have to hit rock bottom or meet other kinds of severe requirements in order to be a candidate for addiction recovery. This isn’t true at all. Many people enter treatment and work towards long-term sobriety because they realize they are missing out on little things in life thanks to frequent drug abuse. Others go because they want to be healthier and more productive.

We’re Here to Help

Feeling sober-curious? We invite you to reach out to our team at Laguna View Detox. Our luxury program merges traditional time-tested methods with advanced modern therapies in order to help you reach sobriety and enter the life in recovery you deserve.

A Guide to AA

When you are struggling with alcohol abuse or addiction, you may be wondering if Alcoholics Anonymous is right for you. It’s important to know that Alcoholics Anonymous is by itself not a professionally-run treatment program. However, it can offer you a strong, supportive community both before and after you go through detox, and initial addiction treatment through a professional facility. Here’s what you need to know about Alcoholics Anonymous and how to tell if it’s the right choice on your path to life in recovery:

What Exactly Is Alcoholics Anonymous?

There’s a good chance you’re at least a little familiar with the sobriety-focused organization, or as it is commonly known, “AA”. Launched back in 1935 in Ohio, the now-international group has become practically synonymous with those who are trying to recover from alcohol addiction. Groups typically meet at least once a week or more, sharing their stories of both substance abuse and sobriety, and offering one another support.

AA is also well-known for its “12 steps” of recovery, which are traditionally spiritual in nature. That said, advocates in recent years have explained that these steps are not necessarily religious and can be adopted by people of all beliefs. Essentially, these steps provide a basic guide towards sobriety. It begins with admitting your problem and that you have become powerless under your addiction. The steps then gradually progress through ways you can make steady changes, make amends with those who have been affected by your addiction, and regain control over your life.

Why People Choose AA

In addition to the “steps”, people are drawn to AA for other reasons. The community support is a big one, and many participants feel inspired by others’ stories and  comforted in knowing that they are not alone in their experiences. The group also provides a means of accountability towards others, and many find themselves increasingly likely to make healthy decisions when they are checking in with other people in addiction recovery each week.

In fact, most professional addiction treatment programs highly recommend that recovering addicts find a strong support system during their recovery (and life in sobriety). Especially for those whose relationships may have suffered during alcohol abuse, AA can serve as a supportive frontline. It is this sense of community and place of belonging that draws many people to AA groups in the first place, and it is also what helps members stay.

There’s also the anonymity factor. While those who attend meetings will obviously recognize you if they see you in public, they are expected to not share your name or story with others. While attending a meeting, you yourself are under no obligation to share your real name (though you are welcome to do so). Likewise, when discussing AA publicly or with anyone outside the program, members are also expected to not share their own personal names or the names of others in the program.

Can I Attend AA If I Have a Different Addiction?

There are different kinds of AA meetings. Open meetings are public and may be attended by both alcoholics and non-alcoholics alike, and because of this the local supportive community is often quite extensive. Furthermore, a lot of people attending AA meetings have been in addiction recovery for quite some time. Many people struggling with other substance abuse problems do so because the belief system can easily be generalized to drugs and other addictions. Aside from AA, there are a variety of other 12-step programs geared towards different substances.

Do I Still Need to Go Through Addiction Treatment?

Life in recovery is within your grasp — now you just need to find the best way to get there. While some people do manage to reach sobriety through AA groups alone, the truth is that many others need the focused care that comes with professional addiction treatment programs. After all, AA typically only provides guidance. To get actual medical supervision through detox and onto the first steps of sobriety, you will need the more hands-on approach that comes with a professional treatment program. If you are like most people and are unsure about what approach would be best, it’s wise to reach out to a treatment counselor for more information about your options.

Laguna View Detox Is Here For You

To learn more about professional addiction treatment for alcohol and other substances, reach out to our team at Laguna View Detox. We offer a variety of comprehensive treatment programs that can help you detox and achieve sobriety in a relaxing, luxurious setting. While we encourage you to find outside sources of support (like Alcoholics Anonymous) that can help you stay on track, we will help you go through the important steps of actually freeing your body from dependence on substances. Reach out to us today to learn more.

The Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction can be one of the hardest things you’ll struggle with in your lifetime. Addiction is consuming and will get worse as time goes on. At Laguna View Detox, we’re here to tell you we understand what you’re going through, and we can help. We’re a team of addiction experts who have once been in your shoes. If you’re currently struggling with addiction, don’t wait another second to get help. Our inpatient treatment program will help you get your life back. 

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient treatment is a structured addiction treatment program. Our clients at Laguna View Detox live onsite at our facility for the duration of their treatment. Depending on the drugs you use and severity of your addiction, you may begin inpatient treatment with detoxification. The average length of stay for our clients is 30 days, but this can vary depending on someone’s addiction.

Our inpatient treatment program will remove you from your current surroundings so you can focus 100% on recovery. We have staff present onsite 24/7 incase you need anything. When you arrive at our facility, we work with you to determine a specific course of addiction treatment that’s created just for you. We know no two people are alike and the same goes for addiction. After we create your treatment plan, you spend the rest of your time with us participating in different types of therapy. The two main therapies you will do are group and individual therapy. 

What Are the Benefits?

There are numerous benefits to addiction treatment, especially inpatient treatment. Please see below for a few benefits we’d like to highlight today: 

A break from the madness: By going to inpatient treatment, you’ll be providing yourself relief from the madness that ensued while you were using drugs or alcohol. Before treatment, your living situation probably wasn’t great. You may have burned some personal and professional bridges. Inpatient treatment is a nice getaway that will give you time to collect yourself and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. 

Detoxing in a safe environment: Detoxing from drugs and alcohol can have severe negative side effects on your health. Inpatient treatment provides 24/7 medical supervision while you detox. There are also medical professionals available to ease withdrawal symptoms. 

Routine: It’s pretty common for an addict’s life to be chaotic. Inpatient treatment will help you establish a daily routine that you can continue to do after you leave treatment. Who knows, you may even become a breakfast person after completing inpatient! 

New sober relationships: While you’re completing inpatient treatment, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and form sober relationships! Everyone who completes treatment alongside you will be able to relate to your experiences. It’s important to know you aren’t alone during recovery. 

Why Is Inpatient Rehab Essential to Gaining Sobriety?

Inpatient rehab will provide you with all the tools necessary to get sober. At Laguna View Detox, we put together comprehensive aftercare plans for each and every client. We don’t want anyone to feel like they don’t know what their next step is in life. We also want to ensure every client can effectively apply what they learned during inpatient to their outside lives. Our inpatient treatment program will set you up for a successful future. 

Let Us Help You

At Laguna View Detox, we are a luxury addiction treatment and detox center located in the gorgeous area of Laguna Beach, CA. We have trained professionals who can help you and your family with your addiction treatment and mental health needs. We take great pride in combining the latest treatment options with a tried, tested, and proven approach to substance and drug abuse issues. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

5 Habits You Should Develop in Sobriety

Recovery is a way of life. Treatment programs and rehabs aren’t the ends of sobriety, they’re a jumping-off point. During these programs, you get to the root of your addiction and learn the coping skills needed to be sober. After you leave treatment, the work doesn’t stop. Maintaining sobriety requires your attention daily. 

At Laguna View Detox, we know the above mentioned can sound daunting. We want to let you know that although working at your sobriety daily may sound like a chore, it’s not at all. There are simple habits you can incorporate into your daily routine that help make staying sober feel effortless. During treatment, we’re here to set you up for success. Our facility puts a huge emphasis on aftercare which helps you achieve healthy habits to bring home with you.

Being Structured in Sobriety

Eliminating the toxic environment that helped fuel your addiction is super important when building structure in your life. Generally speaking, addicts live a life of complete chaos. The anxiety behind potentially running out of money, not knowing if you’ll be able to score drugs or alcohol, and hiding your behavior from loved ones, makes it nearly impossible to live a balanced, structured life. 

Once you achieve sobriety, you’ll want to remove the chaos from your life. By adding structure to your day, perhaps implementing a morning and evening routine, you’ll feel in control of your life. 

Healthy Habits to Adopt

Although the word habit can have a negative connotation, it’s actually a positive thing in the context of this discussion. Below are some of our recommendations of healthy habits you can pick up in sobriety:

  1. Exercise: Your mental and physical health are directly related. Not only does exercising benefit you physically, it has a positive effect on your mental health as well. Exercise can prevent serious health conditions such as obesity and diabetes while relieving stress. Working out can also be fun. You can do it alone or with a friend, you can exercise in a gym or outside, and it’s something you can do every day.  
  2. Meditation: Meditation is a great tool to use to clear your head and remain calm. Addicts often struggle with anxiety and feel the need to get out of their own heads. Using meditation, instead of drugs, will rid your mind of any worry or negative thoughts. You can meditate on your own or download an app on your phone, such as Headspace.
  3. Honesty: This may sound like a weird one but lying can be habitual, as well as being honest. Being honest with yourself and anyone around you is very freeing. For example, if a friend does something that bothers you, you should let them know. If you aren’t honest you can start to resent them and feel angry. Having resentments is like being on the fast track to relapse. 
  4. Fun: Learning how to have fun in sobriety will help you feel confident in your choice to get sober. Everyone deserves to have fun and drugs and alcohol are definitely not needed to do so. Whether you realize it or not, having fun is a choice. Putting an emphasis on doing at least one fun thing a week can make a huge difference in your happiness, which ultimately helps keep you sober. 
  5. Generosity: Give back in sobriety! This doesn’t have to be done in a monetary way, you can give someone your time, which is very generous. There is probably at least one person who was generous to you during your sobriety, so why not pay it forward? Some ways to be generous are volunteering at a local organization, coaching a little league team, and tutoring someone for free. 

Laguna View Detox is Here for You

At Laguna View Detox, we provide a luxury drug & alcohol treatment program that is set in the gorgeous area of Laguna Beach, CA. Our trained professionals offer detox & inpatient treatment program for both addiction and drug abuse. We strive to help all of our participants find ways to not just get sober but stay clean as well. We do this using a unique luxury program that marries traditional treatment with innovative therapies. We have discovered that this is helpful in assisting our participants in beating substance abuse permanently. To find out more about our addiction recovery services, please contact us today!

How to Have Fun in Sobriety

Generally speaking, people don’t associate sobriety with being fun, but we’re here to tell you otherwise. Being sober is fun! Waking up refreshed every morning, with a clear head, while being able to show up for the ones we love, is fun. Just because you now don’t have the aid of drugs or alcohol, doesn’t mean your life is going to suck. Newfound sobriety will be one of the most exciting times in your life. If you’ve been sober for a while and feel stuck in a rut, we have some tips on how to have fun again. 

Why Is Having Fun in Sobriety Important?

When you first get sober, you probably aren’t sure what makes you happy and how to have fun. You became used to associating socialization with drugs or alcohol. It’s ok, it’s totally normal, and you’re not the only person who did this. A big part of getting sober and staying sober is being happy. Happy people are less likely to fall off the wagon. Having fun and connecting with others is a great way to feel happy. It’s also a great stress reliever when you’re having fun you probably aren’t thinking about work or that fight you had with your partner. While it’s important to face your problems head-on, you don’t need to be thinking about them all of the time. Everyone deserves a break in life and let loose a little. 

Let’s Have Some Fun

There are plenty of ways to have fun that don’t include drugs or alcohol:

  1. Travel: Now that you aren’t spending money to sustain your drug addiction, you probably have some spare cash to use to travel. Traveling is fun for a few reasons. Traveling usually includes creating a plan. Researching places you want to travel to is a great thing to do in your spare time. Based on where you choose to travel to, you’ll probably learn some new stuff about yourself. If you choose to travel to the woods, you may realize that you enjoy connecting with nature. If you want to travel somewhere with a beach, maybe you realize you want to learn how to surf. If you don’t like to plan and want to ‘wing it’, you totally can thanks to technology. If you pick a new city to travel to, you can easily google things to do there after you arrive. The best part about traveling is there are so many ways to do it, you can fly, take a bus, drive, or even ride your bike a short distance. No one ever said you have to fly across the world in order to travel. 
  2. Go to an amusement park: If you’re a thrill-seeker, amusement parks are the best. It’s a drug-free way to get an adrenaline rush. Most cities have a local amusement park, but you can also look for places that have bungee jumping, or even skydiving. Water parks can also provide a thrill and are fun to do with friends and family. 
  3. Learn to cook: Cooking is one of the few hobbies that will be useful for your entire life. You’ll always need to eat to live. Cooking is nearly impossible to perfect and become bored of because there are endless possibilities of what to cook. There are also numerous advanced techniques, such as making your own emulsions or properly deglazing a pan, to learn. You can cook for yourself or others. If you’re confident enough, you can host dinner parties for your friends and families. 
  4. Play a sport: A Lot of companies will sponsor afterwork sports teams for their employees to participate in. Playing a sport is fun because it’s exercise for the body, mind, and a great way to bond with others. Sports require strategizing and team work. If you don’t have a job that will sponsor a team, you can start your own with friends or neighbors! Most towns have rec centers that let groups of people reserve a field or court on a certain night of the week. You can also gather a group of people in a public park weekly. All you need are a few people, and a ball, and you’re good to go!  

Let Us Help You!

At Laguna View Detox, we are a luxury drug & alcohol treatment program located in the gorgeous area of Laguna Beach, CA. We are proud to offer detox and inpatient treatment for addiction and drug abuse. We will help all of our patients find ways to enjoy life without the bonds of addiction. Furthermore, we also provide a unique luxury program that combines traditional treatment with modern therapies. We have found that this is effective in assisting our clients in overcoming substance abuse permanently. To learn more about our addiction recovery program, please contact us today!

Emotions You’ll Experience While Getting Sober

Technology and online resources are becoming game changers in educating people about addiction. Millions suffer from substance abuse but they don’t have too. Treatment is widely available for those who want to get better. If you’re struggling with addiction and want to get your life back, congratulations. We’re here to tell you that although it may seem scary reaching out for help, it’s actually quite easy. We’re also here to let you know some common emotions you’ll experience on the journey to sobriety.


If you’re looking for help with addiction treatment, please know that you’re extremely courageous. It’s not easy for people to ask for help especially if you aren’t 100% sure you need help. It’s common to question whether or not you have a substance abuse problem but it’s important to start the inner dialogue. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It takes a strong, mature person, to be able to look in the mirror and admit they aren’t perfect.  

Addiction is a disease that can completely take over your life. Without the correct treatment, this disease can even be fatal. Therefore, you need to ask for help when it comes to the treatment of this disease. You’re showing courage by asking for this help. Then, with the help of medical professionals, you’ll no longer be subject to the possibly fatal effects of this disease.


If you are looking for help with addiction treatment, you’re also swallowing your pride. It’s all too common for people to try to find answers on their own. They don’t want to be dependent on others for help. They are too proud to ask for help; however, pride can also be someone’s greatest weakness. Sure, people are afraid of feeling like a burden. They’re afraid of how others will look at them. They might even think they would be annoying by asking for help. On the other hand, that is exactly why this country has addiction treatment resources.

Addiction treatment centers are here to help you overcome the bonds that are tied to addiction. These facilities are staffed by trained professionals who can show the support, guidance, and counseling that you need to get better. These treatment centers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are outpatient centers that will help you in a one on one setting. There are also detox centers and inpatient facilities that will help you clear the toxins out of their systems and get on the road to recovery.

You can tailor your addiction treatment to meet your own needs. That’s the beauty of asking for help. The goal isn’t to just get you sober, it’s also to have you stay sober. In treatment, you’ll leave coping skills and techniques to help prevent relapse. 

… And Other Emotions

Finally, if you are trying to get help for your addiction, you’ll probably experience a wave of other emotions you haven’t felt before. This is expected. Now that you’re not numb from drug and alcohol abuse, emotions can feel strange. You may feel anxious. You may feel depressed. Remember that there is nothing wrong with these emotions and you’re only human. Trust the professionals to help you overcome the bonds of addiction and resume your life.

Let’s Do This Together

At Laguna View Detox, we’re a luxury drug & alcohol treatment program located in beautiful Laguna View, CA. We’re here to help answer all of your questions from the first time you call us. We offer detoxification and residential inpatient services. Our amazing staff will support you through every step of the way. If you want to learn more about how we can help you, contact us today.

Why Aftercare is Essential to Long Term Sobriety

Making the decision to seek addiction treatment for drug or alcohol abuse may seem like a major decision. It’s common for you to begin your journey to sobriety in an inpatient setting. This can include a form of detox and intensive inpatient program. At Laguna View Detox our residential treatment program focuses on holistic treatment in addition to evidence-based practices. Once treatment is complete it’s important to remember this is the first step on the long road toward recovery. Staying sober requires daily commitment. One way to stay committed is by completing aftercare. 

What is Aftercare?

Aftercare is a place where people go to learn coping skills that can be used to maintain sobriety outside of residential treatment. One of the biggest challenges during recovery is avoiding a relapse. The coping skills gained in aftercare can be used in everyday life. 

Aftercare is also a place you can go to repair broken relationships. Addiction not only takes a toll on your life but it affects everyone around you. This can even include professional relationships. Taking back your life includes mending broken relationships. 

Aftercare programs will vary from individual to individual but we are confident. At Laguna View Detox, we will put together a rockstar plan tailored to each person’s needs. We believe in empowering our clients and hold them accountable for their actions which helps them stay sober. 

How is it Beneficial for Long Term Sobriety?

Leaving residential treatment can be quite a culture shock. The way you interact with society will be completely different from when you were using drugs or alcohol. You will see the world in a new light and people will look at you differently. You’ve changed but the world around you may not have changed. The job you have to go back to may still stress you out or maybe you’re experiencing financial insecurity and need to get a new job. It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget what you’ve learned in residential treatment. Aftercare will give you the coping skills you need to handle your new life. 

The goal of aftercare is to provide you with a dual system of support and accountability. While the goal is to prevent relapse from taking place, Laguna View Detox also wants to provide you with the support you need to walk the road of recovery. Individuals who leave the inpatient world are particularly vulnerable to relapse during the first year. A high-quality aftercare program can provide tools and support for people who are learning to navigate their lives without drugs and alcohol.

Stay Consistent with Aftercare

Getting sober doesn’t mean you are recovered. The threat of relapse is real. It can happen in the blink of an eye. Life is stressful and you’re only human but you don’t have to live life post-residential treatment alone. Aftercare provides support and accountability. Everyone deserves help from trained professionals.

Laguna View Detox is Here for You

At Laguna View Detox, we’re a luxury drug and alcohol treatment program who really cares. Our services include detox, residential treatment, and aftercare. We want you to get sober but more importantly remain sober. Give us a call to get the help you need.

Why You Should Think About Getting Sober in Laguna Beach, CA

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Addiction is a serious disease and needs to be treated as such. Addiction can take many forms including drugs and alcohol. When someone is dealing with addiction, it is important to ask for help. Friends and family members are going to be important sources of support during this difficult time. When someone is looking for a place to get help for addiction, it is critical to think about the location. The location is going to serve as the backdrop for the recovery process. Therefore, it is important to look at all the options available. One of the top places to seek help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol is Laguna Beach, CA. There are a few benefits to seeking help in Laguna Beach that everyone should keep in mind.

A Feeling of Community

One of the top reasons why people who need addiction treatment come to Laguna Beach is the feeling of community that develops upon arrival. Laguna Beach is known for a friendly atmosphere that simply isn’t matched in other locations. When someone needs to help with addiction, a friendly atmosphere is important for keeping spirits high. Laguna Beach is a beautiful, fun place to live, which clearly imbues itself among the residents. There are plenty of leisure activities for people to enjoy which leads to the laid back feel that permeates throughout the area. A lack of urgency allows those seeking addiction treatment to sit back, relax, and focus on themselves.

The Weather in Laguna Beach is Beautiful

Just as important as the community is the weather. Laguna Beach, CA is known for its blue skies, warm temperatures, and sunny days. All of Southern California is known for its weather and there is no exception when it comes to Laguna Beach. When someone needs help with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the weather is going to play a critical role. When the weather is nice outside and the temperatures are warm, people’s emotions are going to stay high. This positivity increases the chances of addiction treatment being successful. For most of the year, the temperatures are going to fluctuate between 55 and 75 degrees. It is difficult to beat the weather of Laguna Beach, CA.

The Beach is a Plus

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of seeking addiction help in Laguna Beach is the beach itself. The ocean is never far away and becomes a major part of nearly everyone’s lifestyle. There are plenty of activities to do at the beach. Some people simply like to kick back, relax, and lay in the sand. Other people might like to take a dip in the ocean. This is a great opportunity for people to paint their afternoons with blue water and sandy beaches. There are plenty of places to go surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and more. Adventure is never more than a few minutes away in Laguna Beach. There is even Dana Point Harbor which is only a few minutes down the road. The opportunities are endless in Laguna Beach and this can help everyone get their mind off of addiction and focus on the recovery process.

The Food is a Must

Another major reason why so many people decide to seek addiction treatment in Laguna Beach is the food. There are plenty of delicious restaurants in Laguna Beach. This includes seafood, Italian restaurants, BBQ, and more. With so many options for food, people can get their taste buds spinning and go on a food adventure. Food will make people happy, allowing them to stay positive on the road to recovery. Be sure to check out all of the various food options that Laguna Beach has to offer.

The Air is Clean in Laguna Beach

Finally, the importance of clean air in Laguna Beach cannot be overstated. A simple internet search will prove that Laguna Beach has some of the cleanest air around. People will be able to breathe free and easy as they relax and seek help in Laguna Beach. Furthermore, the scenery that serves as the backdrop to this location is just as gorgeous. Just as the air is fresh, people can become one with nature and refresh their minds, bodies, and spirits as they embrace the idea of recovering in Laguna Beach, CA.

Seek Help from Laguna View Detox

These are only a few of the many reasons why people come to Laguna Beach to find sobriety. At Laguna View Detox, we strive to help everyone find sobriety with cutting-edge addiction treatment methods. Our professionals work hard to stay up to date on the latest treatment options in the field. We want to leverage these resources to help all of our patients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.