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Medical Team

Dr. Michael Maruska​


Dr. Michael Maruska graduated medical school from Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2011. He then completed a four-year Emergency Medicine residency in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Dr. Maruska has been board certified in Emergency Medicine since 2015. As a Southern California native, Dr. Maruska returned to Orange County after residency. Through Dr. Maruska’s experiences of working with patients that have been victim to opiate crisis throughout the country in multiple hospital settings, this sparked his interest in addiction medicine. Dr. Maruska has continued his education in addiction medicine devoting his time to treating patients individually and respectfully. 

Dr. Christian Small

Medical Director

Dr. Small is uniquely board certified in both psychiatry (ABPN) and family medicine (ABFM). He is among a handful of doctors in the US who have completed additional training to acquire the skills necessary to treat full spectrum medical and psychiatric illness. Dr. Small is a graduate of the University of Hawaii John A Burns School of Medicine and completed a his residency in Psychiatry and Family Medicine residency at UCSD, where he currently holds the title of Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor. He acted as an addiction psychiatrist for the Veterans Administration in La Jolla prior to co-founding BOLD Health Medical Group, an outpatient clinic specializing in personalized medical, psychiatric and addiction treatment in Encinitas, California. Prior to establishing Bold Health, an innovative outpatient addiction and mental health program in Encinitas CA, Dr. Small was employed by the Veterans Administration in La Jolla as an addiction psychiatrist. His treatment philosophy is founded upon the idea of a mind-body connection, that true healing takes into account both the physical and emotional needs of our clients.

Mary Guingab

client care supervisor &
director of operations

Mary Guingab, LVN, is the Client Care Supervisor and Director of Operations at Laguna View Detox. Mrs. Guingab attended Angeles Institute and became a Licensed Vocational Nurse in 2014 where she graduated honor roll and received a Presidential Award for the hours of volunteered, community service. Mary has earned certifications for IV and blood draw, Home Ventilator and Maintenance, and CPR. Mrs. Guingab aspirers to complete a BSN and MSN program and eventually work as a Nurse Practitioner, specializing in mental health and addiction. Mary enjoys working at the detox and residential level of care because it allows her the opportunity to help clients realize their worth and that there is always hope within one’s personal journey. Mrs. Guingab’s goal as a LVN is to help guide LVD clients to live a life of balance, love, and creativity.

Leah Chavez


Leah Chavez, LVN, graduated in 2014 and quickly jumped at the opportunity to work with the Substance Abuse/Dual Diagnosis population. Leah previously worked as an EMT where she worked closely with psychiatric patients. Mrs. Chavez offers another dimension of insight and understanding as a detox nurse where she has gained four years of experience. Leah is constantly inspired by the bravery clients demonstrate as they confront and conquer their addiction.

Neve Mesic


Neve Mesic, LVN, has been in the health care industry for the past 15 years. Neve started her passion for helping others in the field of Physical Therapy and Wellness after earning a PTA license and thereafter, graduated from Cal State University, Fullerton with a BS in Kinesiology and Nutrition. Wanting to strive and keep on achieving her goals, Ms. Mesic then perused nursing at Citrus College and is currently working on achieving her BSN License at Western Governors University. Neve started her nursing career working in pediatrics, which she enjoyed for three years.  Thereafter she landed an opportunity to work as a Detox Nurse where she accepted the challenge and new experience. Ms. Mesic has worked as a detox nurse for the past four and she believes it to be her true calling. Neve’s compassion and empathy for patients suffering from addiction won her heart. Ms. Mesic’s devotion to help patients overcome addiction is undeniable and she finds much purpose in helping others to heal from their addiction.

JoAnna Cardenas​


JoAnna Cardenas, LVN, earned her license in 1995 from Concorde Career Institute. Ms. Cardena takes much pride in being a mother to four, a survivor of domestic violence and PTSD, and one who has remained active in her personal recovery for 18 years. These life experiences have allowed JoAnna to relate to many who struggle with these life experiences and has provided her with a purpose of helping others to overcome these hardships. Ms. Cardenas has the goal of returning to school to become an RN; “Knowledge is wisdom and wisdom is the key!”

Michael McArthur

client care coordinator

Michael McArthur, LVN, was inspired to pursue a career in healthcare after his father had a heart attack. Mr. McArthur was influenced by the positive interactions and support that both his father and family received from each provider that helped in his father’s recovery process. Michael went on to complete his LVN program through CNI College in August of 2017.  After earning his license Mr. McArthur began working in the behavioral health and home health settings. Michael aspires to continue his education to earn a BSN. Through Mr. McArthur’s personal recovery journey and life experiences he desires to be that light of hope for someone else when they feel scared and lost.

Nicol Velasco


Nicol Velasco is a Client Care Coordinator at Laguna View Detox who earned her LVN license in December of 2018 from Lynwood Community Adult School. Since completing this this schooling Nicol has broadened her experience by working in a Non-Profit clinic as a Pediatric, Urgent Care, and Adult Medicine Nurse. Ms. Velasco has the goal of earning a Registered Nurse license as well as, completing her Associates in Nursing. Nicol is eager to help LVD patients every step of their recovery as she receives much joy from watching others grow within their journey.

Brianna Reeves

client care coordinator

Brianna Reeves graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Human Physiology, and also holds a counseling credential, in addition to her nursing degree. Brianna first began working in recovery after witnessing the significant impact it had on one of the students she counseled. Mrs. Reeves believes in the power of working with
and supporting others to find hope and meaning within their recovery journeys. Brianna greatly enjoys working within rehab and recovery, and attempts to leave a lasting impact on all the LVD clients.

clinical team

Erika “Riky” Hanaumi


Erika “Riky” Hanaumi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years of experience in the field of mental health. Early in her career Riky worked primarily with individuals with co-occurring disorders, who were also court mandated into treatment. The services Riky provided to this population ranged from advocating for housing, guiding her client’s treatment to emphasize strengths, and providing support to the client in overcoming social barriers. This work led Riky to pursue a Master’s Degree in Social Work which she received in 2013 from California State University, Fullerton. Riky also has experience working on an inpatient unit as well as working with families and children through an Orange County Outpatient agency. For the past several years, Riky has been providing mental health services that encompass therapy and crisis interventions to the chronically mentally ill as well as, recovery services for those struggling with substance abuse. Riky is skilled in applying evidence-based practices and is well versed in the practice modalities of CBT and DBT. Riky is passionate about her work and takes great pride in serving the co-occurring population through intensive case management, therapeutic interventions, integrating family dynamics, relapse prevention, mind-body wellness, and helping with basic life skills. Riky’s client-centered approach continues to demonstrate the importance of human relationships that foster one’s integrity and self-worth.

Joy Zembruski


Joy Zembruski is licensed as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT) and as a Professional Clinical Counselor (APCC).  Ms. Zembruski earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Communications from UCLA and a Master’s Degree in Psychology from USC. Joy has a teaching credential with a specialization in TESL from San Diego University.  Ms. Zembruski has worked in the field of adult education at the district, county, and college level for close to twenty years in both the United States and abroad. Ms. Zembruski discovered her passion for mental health after teaching in adolescent and adult correctional facilities. Joy has since worked at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Program and as a certified translator in Spanish-English.

OPerations team

Natalie Corbett

Lead Residential Counselor

Natalie Corbett is the Lead Residential Counselor at LVD who is originally from San Diego, California. Ms. Corbett has plans to pursue her dream of earning a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work. Natalie enjoys participating in panels that go to hospitals and institutions to share her story, in hopes of helping others who are struggling with addiction. Ms. Corbett speaks at various meetings through the AA community and holds several commitments at her weekly meetings. Through Natalie’s groups and sharing about her personal recovery journey she hopes to give back what she was so freely given when she asked for help during her struggle with addiction.

Chase White

Residential Counselor

Chase White is a Residential Counselor at Laguna View Detox. Mr. White personally struggled with addiction until he took a leap of faith and reached out for help. This decision led to Chase developing a passion to serve others who struggle with addiction. Mr. White is currently studying medicine and plans to dedicate his life to helping others regardless of their circumstances.

Carter Biddle

Residential Counselor

Carter Biddle is Laguna View Detox’s overnight Residential Counselor. Mr. Biddle is always readily available to the clients for any nighttime needs. Carter presents with a history of working as an EMT and working in triage of an emergency room. Mr. Biddle is passionate about working with people in treatment because of the powerful transformations he has seen in the lives of people who recover. Carter desires to support and encourage all clients on their journey to recovery.

Justin McGann

Residential Counselor

Justin McGann, RADT, is a residential counselor at Laguna View Detox.  Mr. McGann attended CCAPP vocational school for counseling to expand his understanding of the science behind addiction and the behaviors associated with it.  Justin’s curiosity about working in the industry stemmed from his own families experience with alcoholism and the destruction it caused in their lives.  Mr. McGann has dedicated the last 5 years to working in the industry of drug and alcohol abuse because of his passion for giving back to the community. Justin finds it truly inspirational to watch clients grow and overcome the tribulations of addiction. 

Jonathan Datiles

Residential Counselor

Jonathan Datiles is a Residential Counselor at Laguna View Detox. Mr. Datiles is a recovering alcoholic who seeks accountability and support through the AA practices. Jon has a passion for helping others recover from a seemingly hopeless state of body and mind. Mr. Datiles is RADT certified and aspires to further his career within the treatment industry.  Jon is kind, caring and compassionate.  Mr. Datiles enjoys helping clients who are choosing a new way of life

admissions team

Jennifer Lopez

Admissions, marketing and Business Development Specialist

Jennifer Lopez is on the Admissions, Marketing and Business Development Specialist for Laguna View Detox. Mrs. Lopez has worked in treatment for approximately 6 years. Jen has experience working in Insurance Billing and Utilization review. Mrs. Lopez has a heart to serve the treatment population due to losing loved one’s from overdose. Jen also has family members that are in recovery as well as, some who are currently fighting the battle of addiction. Mrs. Lopez has a great deal of passion to help those that have a desire to be sober.

Tori DeGroote

Senior Administrator and Human Resource Manager

Tori DeGroote is LVD’s Senior Administrator and Human Resource Manager. Ms. DeGroote has over 9 years of experience in the addiction field holding a myriad of positions: developing alumni departments and continuing care programs, serving as a marketing and outreach director, building community connections, serving as an addiction counselor and sober coach, and working as an Executive Program Director where she developed administrative and compliance driven programs. Tori is currently undergoing mental health and addiction interventionist training as well as, working on her master’s degree in Social Work. Ms. DeGroote currently holds a bachelor’s degree in business in addition to a CATC-III/CADC-III in addiction counseling. Ms. DeGroote serves as a Board of Director on several non-profit groups whose mission is to provide prevention, education and resources to families who struggle with addiction. Having over 10 years of personal recovery, Tori understands what it takes to obtain long-term sobriety and is a community activist who is committed to helping others achieve freedom from addiction.

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